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Beyond Silos: Achieving Seamless Security Operations with Advanced Information Protection

Upcoming Webinar: Bridging SecOps and Data Protection with Microsoft Purview


Organizations are investing heavily in cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Sentinel to fortify their defenses. However, this advanced arsenal often leads to an overwhelming influx of information protection alerts. Creating a unique challenge for both Information Protection Teams and Security Operations Teams. These teams find themselves navigating a deluge of alerts, unsure of how to prioritize threats and safeguard their digital environment effectively. 

Recognizing this critical gap, Difenda and Epiq have joined forces to introduce a transformative solution. Our upcoming webinar, “Bridging the Gap: Integrating Microsoft Purview with Microsoft Sentinel for Enhanced Security Operations,” is designed to empower organizations to harness the full potential of their security investments. This session is tailored for cybersecurity leaders seeking to #PutSynergyInAction and move beyond silos in information protection and security operations teams. 

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn from two of Microsoft Security’s top partners with exclusive knowledge of Microsoft Purview, the integration of information protection and security operations, and use cases. 
  • Position your organization not just to respond to emerging threats, but to proactively shape a secure, resilient future.  
  • Explore how Difenda and Epiq utilize Microsoft Purview to streamline interactions and processes for your team. Leading to more efficient operations and enhanced overall experiences. 
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead your organization’s security strategy through the next generation of the cybersecurity landscape.
  • Explore how adopting our forward-thinking technologies can future-proof your organization against emerging tech trends and threats. 
  • Leave with a clear path from initial planning to full-scale Microsoft Purview implementation and integration with SecOps. 

What to Expect: The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Managing Insider Risk

To kick things off, Difenda will shed light on the traditionally siloed approaches to SecOps, data risk, governance, or classification. This segment aims to outline the limitations, challanges and inefficiencies many companies are experiencing with a compartmentalized security strategy.

Epiq will then take the lead to elaborate on insider risk and their crawl,walk, run approach.

Difenda and Epiq will then jointly introduce how they are leveraging Microsoft Purview. Demonstrating how its comprehensive data governance and protection features can streamline and enhance security operations.

A significant focus of the webinar will be on how Difenda and Epiq integrate and synchronize their operations with Microsoft technology. Offering a clear view of how the synergy between these solutions can lead to a more robust and efficient security framework.

A joint demonstration showcase the practical application and effectiveness of these integrated solutions.

The session will end with a live Q&A segment, with a portion dedicated to addressing pre-submitted questions from attendees. Ensuring a comprehensive discussion on key topics of interest.

By attending, you will gain actionable insights into the advanced strategies and technologies that Difenda and Epiq employ. Enabling your organization to move “Beyond Silos” and towards a more secure and integrated future.

Learn from 2 of Microsoft Security’s Top Partners

Difenda and Epiq bring to the table exclusive knowledge of Microsoft Purview. Demonstrating not just theoretical expertise but also practical, proven success in integrating information protection and security operations. 

In 2023, Epiq was honored as the Microsoft Partner of the Year. A testament to their exceptional innovation and the impactful implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Their recognition underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and its ability to leverage Microsoft tools to solve complex challenges in innovative ways. 

Difenda, on the other hand, is the proud recipient of the Microsoft Security Impact Award for 2023, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the Microsoft Security space. Additionally, Difenda has been named a finalist for the 2024 Security MSSP of the Year award in the Microsoft Security Excellence Awards.  

Together, Difenda and Epiq are leading the way in delivering a unified solution that addresses the twin challenges of cybersecurity and compliance. Their collaboration represents a significant leap forward, offering businesses a streamlined to securing their digital assets while ensuring compliance. 


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