Every digital act leaves a trail we can follow


We guarantee the quickest industry response times for all organizations regardless of size.

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Real World Cyberwarfare Experience


Difenda is a strategic partner with full-spectrum cybersecurity expertise. We serve on the frontier of the cybersecurity landscape and we are a leader in deploying advanced global threat intelligence capabilities that leverage machine learning and big data analytics to address real world cybersecurity threats.

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Powerful ROI for Proven Cutting-Edge Technologies


Our techniques are designed to ignore noise and to deliver effective responses for cybersecurity incidents. Our services are cost-effective, value-driven, and focus on long-term partnerships because we know that we will enhance your organization’s own capabilities.

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Unified Cyber Protection

Our cybersecurity services are available on-demand, stopping breaches, mitigating damage, isolating your organization from sophisticated threat actors, and recovering operations within hours, not days. We leverage real-time advanced data analytics, deep technical forensic capabilities, and reporting.

Difenda enables your organization’s freedom-of-action within cyberspace. We possess the competence to manage and track threats across the vast and complex landscape. Our offerings are aligned with your business requirements and we prioritize our responses based on your risk profile and threat activity.

Privacy and confidentiality are our utmost concerns and we ensure that our clients' most sensitive information assests remain secure.

Most organizations unwittingly operate in a state of breach.

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The Need for safeguarding against cyber crime has never been greater


The cost of data breaches globally will reach $2 trillion by 2019

- Forbes, 2017


The average cost of a single data breach is $3.5 million

- Ponemon Institute, 2017


81% of hacking-related breaches leverage weak or stolen credentials

- Help Net Security, 2015


Over 80% of enterprises worldwide will invest in incident response retainers by 2020

- IDC, 2017


1 million new malware threats are released every day

- Symantec, 2015


53% of enterprises experienced more attacks this year than in the year prior

- ISACA, 2017

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"Difenda has always been responsive to my needs as a cybersecurity leader, whether it is picking up the phone immediately, getting people on premises in the middle of the night, or immediately escalating threats, they have always been there."

Director IT, Detour Gold

You know that if you do need them, they are there to support you. Right now, I’m a team of one. So, I leverage them for me to do the [work they’re doing], I don’t have the cycles.”

Information Security & Privacy Officer, Bayshore Healthcare

“Difenda came with a well developed business plan with a meeting to discuss the contract process which covered detailed steps for each major area that we wanted to test - external pen-testing, internal vulnerability assessment and internal WIFI pen-testing in our case - all in advance of us signing the contract. During the testing phases, Difenda kept us up to date with their processes and were available for questions at any time. The final findings report which was detailed and well organized came shortly after all testing phases were completed. A final report review of those findings was arranged where they provided us every opportunity to ask questions regarding any of the results.”

Alan Nummey, Manager I.T. at Sheppard Village

“Overall, Difenda team did a great job. The assessment reports provided to us had details as per our expectations and all our questions were answered.”

CIO, Manufacturing Company in Alberta