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Difenda Managed Cloud TDR

Safeguard Your Cloud Apps With Advanced Risk Monitoring And Protection

Defend cloud applications and database infrastructure from account compromise, insider threats, and access misuse. Keep your cloud environment safe and secure with built-in defence from your business environment to the Azure Cloud Platform.

Why Managed Cloud Security?

98% of enterprise companies experienced a cloud data breach last year. Unfortunately, businesses can’t just use their traditional on-premises security solutions for the cloud, leaving their cloud infrastructure at risk of control-plane misconfigurations, workload and application vulnerabilities, and insecure secrets management.

Managed Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CTDR) security services provide an added layer of defence to protect your business’s critical apps and database. Advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities come together to defend cloud applications and infrastructure from account compromise, insider threats, and access misuse to strengthen your last line of defence.

Eliminate Gaps In Your Cloud Protection

The migration to the cloud has opened a host of vulnerabilities in perimeter traffic and integrations. The dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure leaves businesses playing catch up, trying to integrate security processes, products, and tools into their workflows. Automate the entire process of threat detection and response between cloud storage, workloads, configuration and networks.

Difenda Managed Cloud TDR offers a holistic and unified approach to cloud-based threats that are mapped back to your Microsoft Security investment and your business goals. Combined, the Difenda Shield offers a richer, higher-fidelity and context-aware Cloud TDR experience, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Overcome Today’s Most


of all cyber breaches occur through cloud-based attacks.

of businesses care still assessing their cloud security posture manually.

of organizations say aligning security tools with security goals is a major challenge.

Advanced Threat Protection With Microsoft Defender For Cloud

Leverage your investment in Microsoft Security to detect and identify malicious activity in workloads running in Azure and other cloud environments. With Difenda and Microsoft Defender for Cloud, organizations can have peace of mind knowing that their cloud workloads are protected by a comprehensive and effective cloud security solution.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud & Difenda Managed CTDR

  •  Leverage machine learning and AI-based protection to identify and block new and emerging threats.
  • Analyze user behavior, network traffic, and system logs to identify potential threats and provide security teams with actionable insights
  • Continuous monitoring of Azure databases, including real-time security alerts and recommendations for improving database security.
  • Automatically pull, store, and report on monitored assets, daily threat events, and service requests in a single-pane-of-glass platform.

What’s Included In Difenda Managed Cloud TDR?


Mitigate the impact of an attack and minimize the risk of data loss with real-time threat monitoring to quickly isolate and contain threats.

Difenda Managed Cloud TDR offers a comprehensive technology and tools to detect potential threats, including machine learning algorithms, behavioral analysis, and anomaly detection.


Leverage industry experts while identifying and analyzing potential security threats to technology infrastructure, systems, and networks.

Difenda Managed Cloud TDR examines security incidents and gathers data such as scope, impact, and potential risks to help identify and eliminate the root cause and restore normal operations.


Contain threats faster with 24/7/365 managed threat response services designed to rapidly mitigate cloud-based threats.

Rely on industry experts to streamline and coordinate your cybersecurity response, improving visibility while protecting cloud infrastructure and ensuring the security of your business critical data.

The Market Leader Microsoft Security Professional Services

Difenda specializes in protecting businesses from cyber threats. We are recognized globally as the authority in Microsoft Security deployment, implementation and management due to our focus on maximizing our customer’s licensing capabilities. Our experts work to integrate, mitigate and manage your security program with unique processes that leverage next-gen cloud technology to seamlessly reconcile, enhance, and manage assets in the Difenda Shield Portal.

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What Can You Achieve With AVM?

What Is Cloud Threat Detection And Response?
Cloud Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a cybersecurity approach designed to identify and respond to security threats in cloud-based environments, such as Azure Cloud. Cloud TDR involves the use of advanced security technologies, such as machine learning, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence, to monitor cloud environments for signs of suspicious activity.

When a threat is detected, the Cloud TDR solution will alert security teams, who can then investigate the incident and take appropriate action to mitigate the threat.

Cloud TDR solutions typically provide a range of security features, such as real-time monitoring, behavioral analysis, incident response and threat intelligence. Together, this service allows for immediate detection and response to security threats where security teams investigate incidents and identify the root cause of the threat.

By leveraging advanced security technologies and techniques, Cloud TDR solutions help businesses detect and respond to security threats in real-time, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

How Does Cloud TDR Security Differ From Traditional TDR Security?
Moving data to the cloud introduces new attack-surfaces, threats, and challenges, so you need to approach security in a new way. Traditional security controls are not designed to mitigate and protect against the new threats in cloud environments. Cloud TDR involves a set of technologies and processes designed specifically to protect the network, servers, applications and data that make up the cloud computing ecosystem.
What Are The Benefits Of Using Cloud TDR Security?
Managed cloud threat detection and response (TDR) security offers a wide range of benefits for organizations that are looking to secure their cloud-based infrastructure and applications. Some of the key benefits of using Managed Cloud TDR security is the ability to leverage advanced threat detection technologies such as machine learning, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence to detect and respond to security threats in real-time.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting, allowing organizations to respond quickly to security incidents, helping to minimize the impact of a security breach and prevent further damage.
  • Managed Cloud TDR security solutions are highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily expand their security capabilities as their cloud-based infrastructure grows. This scalability ensures that organizations can maintain effective security measures even as their cloud environments become more complex.
  • Managed Cloud TDR security solutions are fully managed by MSSPs like Difenda, reducing the burden on an organization’s IT staff. This means that organizations can focus on their core business activities while the managed security provider handles the day-to-day management of their security infrastructure.
  • Compliance: Managed cloud TDR security solutions can help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing continuous monitoring and reporting of security events. This helps organizations demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2.