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Difenda MXDR

Bridge the gap between cybersecurity needs and resources to proactively stop threats before they impact your business.

Leverage Difenda’s cybersecurity experts to strengthen your security posture. Powered by a combination of Microsoft’s security solutions and the Difenda Shield platform, Difenda MXDR For IT is an end-to-end process from receiving incidents to resolution. The model allows Difenda’s C3 team to monitor and respond to cloud service, endpoint, back-end infrastructure, user, and email threats using out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 Security services, Microsoft Sentinel analytics, and Difenda’s proprietary capabilities.


Discover Your Possibilities

Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM

Cut through the noise with managed SIEM for Microsoft Sentinel. When you combine Microsoft Sentinel and the strength of Difenda’s highly trained teams, you can attack the chaos of SIEM alerts with context. Our team of expert analysts continuously tune Microsoft Sentinel to eliminate false alarms, enable rapid identification of emergent threats, and align with your organization’s unique threat landscape.

Managed Identity Threat Detection and Response

Managed Identity Threat Detection and Response

Defend cloud applications and database infrastructure from account compromise, insider threats, and access misuse. Keep your cloud environment safe and secure with built-in defence from your business environment to the Azure Cloud Platform.

Managed Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Managed Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Secure your cloud and grow your business with built-in defense from your business environment to the Azure Cloud Platform.

Managed Email Threat Detection and Response

Managed Email Threat Detection and Response

Accelerate response to targeted and advanced attacks through advanced email security analytics that provide the deepest visibility into phishing campaigns.

Difenda MXDR For IT Outcomes and Impact:

  • Effectively address gaps within the network to create a solid foundation
  • Gain full visibility with next generation cybersecurity
  • Reduce risk with increased security program controls
  • Customized outcome based metrics and reporting dashboards
  • Maximize Microsoft licensing capabilities
  • Complete adoption in 6 to 8 weeks

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Difenda MXDR for IT

What’s included

  • THREAT DEFENSE Leverage Microsoft’s AI-powered endpoint detection & response (EDR) technology to prevent, contain, and remediate attacks from all threat vectors before, during, and after execution.
  • THREAT HUNTING Collect, analyze, and detect threats by combining Microsoft’s security incident and event management (SIEM) technologies and Difenda’s threat hunting teams.
  • THREAT RESPONSE Contain threats faster with 24/7/365 managed threat investigation and response. Difenda MXDR for IT customers get access to preferred rates for our remote incident response, giving you an immediate defense strategy to mitigate potential breaches.
  • THREAT INTELLIGENCE Access industry-leading threat intelligence (powered by Anomali) to improve your detection capabilities, receive proactive bulletins for potential threats, discover recent global attack campaigns in your industry, and leverage insights from our threat library through our C3 team.
  • DASHBOARDS AND REPORTING Stay protected with access to insights that go far beyond reporting offered by traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Drive informed decision making with full visibility into your security processes and technology.

Service Guide

Difenda MXDR for IT

How does our process work?

Our four-step methodology consists of threat profiling, threat detection, threat hunting, and threat response. This process helps organizations align business context through asset classification, detection, use case development and additional supports. Difenda MXDR for IT customers gain access to our platform specialists who collaborate on customized playbooks and workflows that speed up the response process and enable further success. As an extension of your team, our C3 team performs proactive scenario-based hunting to ensure protection at all times.

The Difenda Labs environment is a core part of our process that simulates common customer environment components. Within the Difenda Labs environment, our Cyber Research and Response team runs continuous attacks based on current cyber tactics and techniques used to breach customer environments. Successful attack patterns are translated into detection and response requirements, which are developed and released to Difenda Shield services using an agile delivery methodology.

Case Study

Difenda MXDR for IT

How Does Onboarding Work?

PREPARE Successful projects follow a plan. Developed from years of experience, Difenda’s delivery team guides new customers through a comprehensive checklist and an onboarding project manager is assigned to ensure everything is tracked and on schedule.

BUILD Services in the Shield which leverage one or more Microsoft security technologies (e.g., Microsoft Sentinel) are designed and implemented by trained Difenda cybersecurity and IT professionals. During this phase Difenda also creates the new customer account in the Shield platform and configures it for each service selected.

CONNECT Once the systems are built and the Shield is ready the first telemetry data can be sent. Log sources and vulnerability scanners are configured to begin transmission. Once an asset is transmitting event log data the Shield can begin protection immediately!

VERIFY Difenda validates that each service is operating as designed with a formal quality assurance process which includes configuring monitoring to ensure the Difenda Shield is always protecting you, 24 x 7.

FORTIFY A series of collaborating working sessions ensure every customer hits the ground running and gets the maximum value from the Shield services after transitioning from this onboarding phase to the ongoing operational phase. These sessions include documentation delivery and knowledge transfer sessions. Our ongoing operational meetings follow a mutually agreed-upon cadence.

What can you achieve?

  • Every Difenda MXDR for IT customers will have a:
    Customer Success Manager (CSM) who works tirelessly to ensure Difenda’s services always meet your business objectives
  • Cloud-Native MXDR for IT Offering Infinite Speed and Scale
    Quickly expand your cybersecurity capabilities with access to next-gen, cloud-native cybersecurity solutions built for speed and scale.
  • 24/7/365 Security for the Entire Business
    Keep your business protected at all times with 24/7/365 security that leverages automation, tactical response teams, and multiple C3 locations to ensure service availability.
  • Integration-Friendly Cybersecurity Solution
    Our integration-friendly approach means you always get access to cutting edge cybersecurity technology through the Difenda Shield and Microsoft’s award-winning security solutions.
  • Create a Collaborative Cybersecurity Process
    Turn cybersecurity into a company-wide objective with real-time data dashboards, notifications, alerts, and enhanced visibility using the Difenda Shield Portal.
  • Enhanced Protection With Automation
    Identify and respond to threats quicker with automated processes that proactively alert key members of your security teams, ingest data, coordinate responses, and remediation.
  • MXDR for IT On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid
    Whether you are looking for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid Difenda MXDR for IT is the easiest way for you to integrate a best-in-class MXDR solution into your cybersecurity stack.
  • Work With our Microsoft Security Experts
    Difenda is Microsoft’s go-to partner for complex Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint configurations. Implement best practices and drive valuable insights with ongoing support and solution optimization.