Difenda MXDR For OT

Unified Threat Protection For All Your IoT/OT Devices

MXDR for OT offers a turn-key agentless extended detection and response (XDR) that is rapidly deployed, works with diverse endpoints, IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices.

Growing Cyber Threats Require A Holistic Defense Strategy For Operational Technology

With the rise of OT and ICS industries moving to leaner staffing models, and more automated processes, there is an increasing demand for connecting these previously air-gapped systems to the enterprise and even beyond. As technology continues to advance, greater connectivity has brought benefits in terms of business and operations, it has also raised concerns about cybersecurity in industries such as manufacturing.

Introducing Difenda MXDR For OT

Difenda’s MXDR-OT service, powered by Microsoft Defender for IoT, offers a turn-key agentless extended detection and response (XDR) that is rapidly deployed, works with diverse endpoints, IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices. The service seamlessly integrates Difenda’s MXDR-IT and MXDR-OT services to provide customers with unified threat protection across the entire environment. We are solely focused on Microsoft Security and provide customers experience, resource tenure, and confidence to work with industry experts.

Difenda MXDR for OT Key Benefits

  •  Turn-key agentless extended detection and response (XDR)
  • Rapid deployment
  • Works with diverse endpoints, IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices
  • Uses passive, agentless network monitoring to safely gain a complete inventory of all your assets, with zero impact on infrastructure performance
  • Seamlessly integrates Difenda’s MXDR-IT and MXDR-OT services to provide customers with unified threat protection across the entire environment

What’s Included In Difenda Managed Detection & Response For Operational Technology?

Difenda MXDR for OT offers the latest in Microsoft’s extended detection and response (XDR) technology—allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from a world-class cybersecurity program that’s built for scale, and integration-ready from day one. Difenda’s MXDR uses top security frameworks like the MITRE ATT&CK® and NIST Cybersecurity Framework to continuously identify, develop, and release enhanced detection and response capabilities.


Protection starts with visibility. Powered by Microsoft’s Defender for IoT, our service leverages passive network capture technology to automatically discover assets and visualize OT/ICS networks and asset relationships, eliminating operational concerns typically associated with sensitive OT / ICS environments.

This visibility is foundational to Difenda’s ability to help customers secure their OT/ICS environments, but also supports operational planning and maintenance activities.


Once assets are discovered, our services capture OT/ICS environment communication, firmware, and other integral asset vulnerability related information. With this information, Difenda’s C3 team can assess an OT/ICS environment overall risk posture and work with customers to develop proactive risk mitigation strategies.


Core to Difenda’s MXDR services are the Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Defender suite of security products. In addition to providing customers with detection and response services within IT environments, customers can extend protection to OT/ICS environments through Defender for IoT services coupled with our MXDR-OT service offering.

  • Threat detection and response
  • Threat hunting
  • Threat intelligence
  • SIEM platform and use case management
  • Remote incident response services


The ability to simulate attacks in an OT/ICS environment has traditionally been a time consuming, expensive and risky undertaking. Attack simulations are a key tactic to understand risk, ensure response readiness, and are increasingly becoming mandated by regulatory bodies.

With Difenda’s MXDR-OT services and Microsoft Defender for IoT, attack simulation modeling can occur quickly and continuously be updated based on factors such as environment changes or emerging threats. Where required, Difenda can also develop simulated customer OT environments through partners such as IdeaWorks (https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/ideaworks), allowing for more real-life attack simulations.


Many organizations are running bespoke or legacy technologies within their OT/ICS environments, making asset discovery and threat detection incredibly challenging.

Where required, Difenda’s experts leverage Defender for IoT’s Horizon development framework to develop custom protocol plugins, to ensure complete environment visibility. In addition, our Cyber Research and Response team uses several tactics to augment native Microsoft detection capabilities through our ATT&CK driven development process.


In the event of a serious breach, advanced response services may be needed. MXDR customers can leverage an incident response retainer for additional assistance – which includes a discounted hourly rate and a guaranteed initial response time.

These remote incident and forensic support services are delivered primarily by Difenda’s own experienced Cyber Research & Response Team. For the rare circumstances where unique specialists need to be engaged, Difenda has established relationships with trusted firms and certified professionals.

Visibility Leads To Unified Protection Of Business Critical Production System

“Our work with Difenda is part of an on-going effort to maintain operational safety and resilience, including the reduction of cybersecurity risks. The team helped us understand the security of our OT environments without disrupting our daily operations.” 

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