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Offensive Security

A Systematic Approach To Exposing And Eliminating Threats

Rely on a comprehensive suite of offensive security services to assess, protect, and strengthen your ability to respond to a multitude of threats across your organization. Test critical systems, illuminate gaps, and secure vulnerabilities with Difenda’s offensive security services.

Shedding Light On Unknown Vulnerabilities Can Be Challenging

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly complex, especially as the people, processes, and technologies you rely on continue to change. Many organizations struggle to gain a clear understanding of the gaps in their security posture and to develop a prioritized risk-based plan to address these vulnerabilities.

Difenda’s offensive security services offer a comprehensive set of tools that actively identify hidden vulnerabilities, the assets they may be associated with, and the risk each vulnerability carries, laying the foundation for an improved cybersecurity program that protects your organization from all angles.

Work With A Trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner For Security

Difenda is a proud Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and offers specialized expertise with Microsoft Sentinel. Difenda Shield is a fully integrated solution that works seamlessly to secure the world’s most popular technology suite.


Offensive Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Difenda’s vulnerability assessment was designed to identify vulnerabilities within your entire organization. Our assessment leverages automation, machine learning, and business intelligence to streamline analysis processes and categorize threats according to relevant factors.

Discover Difenda MXDR | Difenda AVM | Difenda GRC

Web And Mobile Application Testing

Test your web and mobile application across the most popular platforms. Difenda’s web and mobile application testing uses cybersecurity best practices to determine the security posture of your applications.

Discover Difenda MXDR | Difenda AVM | Difenda GRC

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing offers a strategic assessment of your cybersecurity posture through active exploitation of your defences. Depending on your organization’s needs, Difenda offers a white, grey, or black box approach. Results are often incorporated with vulnerability assessment feedback for a comprehensive assessment of your defences.

Discover Difenda MXDR | Difenda AVM | Difenda GRC

Red Team

Red teaming involves active simulation of potential threats, allowing organizations to evaluate their defensive capabilities in a cybersecurity simulation that mimics a real-life attack environment. Red teaming assesses your cybersecurity team’s ability to respond while identifying greater organizational weaknesses for improvement.

Discover Difenda MXDR | Difenda AVM | Difenda GRC

A Modular Cybersecurity Suite That Keeps Your Entire Business Protected

Difenda Shield is a fully integrated and modular cybersecurity suite that gives your organization the agility it needs to implement a world-class cybersecurity system.

Quickly turn the insights you gain into a robust cybersecurity program with Difenda Shield’s comprehensive suite of products.

Managed Extended Detection & Response

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Advanced Vulnerability Management

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

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