Difenda AVM

Achieve Continuous Visibility With Advanced Vulnerability Management

Difenda AVM continuously monitors, detects and helps provide guidance on remediation items and configuration issues, minimizing the window of opportunity for attackers. Simplify vulnerability management processes by leveraging automation, business intelligence and real-time visibility.

Traditional Vulnerability Management Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Today’s businesses rely on multiple changing technologies creating significant compatibility and integration challenges. Each deployment introduces a range of vulnerabilities and poor data flow, emphasizing the need for organizations to maintain constant vigilance.

Difenda AVM offers a strategic approach to vulnerability management that leverages machine learning, business intelligence and real-time operational and management dashboards that allow remediation teams to focus and address true areas of risk in technologically complex environments.

Introducing Difenda AVM

Difenda AVM is designed to streamline every core aspect of vulnerability management, including regular vulnerability scans, implementation of secure configuration standards, prioritized remediation of detected vulnerabilities and deployment of operating system and software patches.

Difenda AVM offers:

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment across all technologies and assets
  • Guidance on prioritized remediation activities based on additional business context (such as asset sensitivity)
  • Streamlined risk deferment, acceptance, and tracking
  • Real-time vulnerability management visibility through the Difenda Shield portal
  • An automated asset management framework that improves connectivity and understanding across your organization

What’s Included In Difenda AVM?

Technology is constantly evolving, but with big changes comes new compatibility and integration challenges, a range of vulnerabilities, and an overall poor flow of data. Difenda AVM lets you implement a robust cybersecurity solution that keeps your business protected at all levels.


Relying on overlapping tools or spreadsheet lists can make it difficult to accurately track assets, especially in a changing IT environment. Difenda AVM provides you with a detailed asset list (CMDB) that’s continuously updated for real-time visibility.


Increase asset visibility across the entire organization. Difenda AVM works closely with Difenda MXDR to seamlessly reconcile assets discovered from the vulnerability scanner, the SIEM, and the EDR platform.


New vulnerabilities are discovered daily across all technologies. Difenda AVM creates a clear, prioritized view of vulnerability concerns within complex technological environments.


Effortlessly prioritize and assign remediation responsibilities by leveraging the Difenda Shield vulnerability response module.


Stay compliant with your vulnerability management policy and do not let anything fall through the cracks. Exception management keeps all of your exceptions organized and visible. Exceptions are methodically managed.


Gain access to insights far beyond the reporting offered by traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). AVM offers comprehensive dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities to maximize visibility across your entire organization.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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What Can You Achieve With AVM?

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Real-time vulnerability assessments improve visibility into every aspect of the technologies and assets your company uses.

Business Context-Driven Remediation

Benefit from prioritized responses that take key business context into account, such as asset sensitivity, risk level, source, and more.

24/7 Vulnerability Coverage

Keep your business protected at all times with 24/7 vulnerability management that leverages automation and tactical response to minimize your risk.

Integration-Friendly Cybersecurity Solution

Our integration-friendly approach means you always get access to cutting edge cybersecurity technology through the Difenda Shield and vulnerability scanners like tenable and Qualys.

Create A Collaborative Cybersecurity Process

Turn cybersecurity into a company-wide objective with real-time data dashboards, notifications, alerts, and enhanced visibility using the Difenda Shield Portal.

Boost Productivity With Intuitive Automation

Automation ensures critical data is logged, shared with other mission-critical applications, and used to better protect your organization.

On-Prem, Cloud, Or Hybrid

Whether you are looking for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid Difenda AVM is the easiest way for you to integrate a best-in-class vulnerability management solution into your cybersecurity stack.

Full Visibility Into Your Assets

Uncover the full context between assets, users, vulnerabilities, and the platforms you rely on for day-to-day operations.