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Minimize alert fatigue with Difenda, the 2023 Microsoft Security Impact Award Winner.

Achieve 24/7/365 alert management with Difenda Managed SIEM. Benefit from the expertise of our certified Microsoft Security professionals, who will customize, automate, and manage your Sentinel Instance for optimal performance.

How It Works:

  • Difenda Onboarding: Your journey begins with our experienced Project Manager, who thoroughly reviews and documents all details while you work with our technical team to:
    • Deploy Difenda Shield: We initiate the deployment of specific components from our exclusive management platform, the Difenda Shield. This plug-and-play platform offers you a seamless experience with all the essential capabilities required for effective SIEM management.
    • Establish Management Processes: Our goal is to become an extension of your team. During onboarding, we work in close collaboration to align with your business drivers, use cases, and priorities, to establish clear engagement objectives. During this phase, we will discuss the contact plan for various alerts and activities to ensure that we take the right actions every time.
    • Configure and Tune the Environment: In the final leg of the onboarding journey, we conduct a thorough review of alerts, reports, and automated responses. Our experts offer valuable recommendations and share best practices. Additionally, we create tailored playbooks and alerts to ensure you receive a ready-to-use solution perfectly aligned with your business requirements from day one.
  • Official Operational Hand-off: As we conclude the onboarding process, we officially welcome you to Difenda managed services. In this pivotal phase, we assume responsibility for your Sentinel Instance, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your security is in capable hands. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your dedicated Technical Account Manager, who will serve as your main point of contact, offering guidance and support throughout your journey with Difenda.
  • Transparent Reporting: Log in to the Difenda Sheild at any time for unparalleled visibility into the diligent work of our SOC team. This grants you complete transparency in overseeing your solution. Should you have any inquiries, you can directly reach out to your dedicated technical account manager for assistance and clarification.
  • Incident Response Services: With an Incident retainer included, we ensure first-priority response to potential threats, particularly high-severity events approved by you during onboarding. You don’t have to stress over “what ifs” because we’re here to support you. In the absence of a security breach, you can also tap into your retainer for additional security services. Your retainer is there to enhance your cybersecurity, no matter the circumstances.

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Managed SIEM

What You’ll Get:

  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • 24/7/365 Managed Microsoft Sentinel services
  • Access to Difenda Shield
  • Expertly created workbooks with response plans for key alerts in your Sentinel instance
  • Priority Access to Incident Response services
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Service Guide

Managed SIEM

How Expert SIEM Management Benefits You:

  • 24/7/365 alert monitoring
  • Expert support in crafting automated responses and fine-tuning logs and alerts.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into your security landscape.
  • Save time and resources with a centralized platform.
  • Collective technical expertise.
  • Ongoing alert tuning and response plan updates.
  • Continuous visibility of what our SOC team is working on in your environment through the Difenda Shield.
  • Access to a TAM who becomes an expert in your environment and provides ongoing Difenda support.
  • Ensure compliance with audit requirements with an advanced SIEM solution.

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Managed SIEM

What Sets Us Apart?:

Difenda’s Managed SIEM security solution stands out in two specific ways. Our exclusive management platform, the Difenda Shield, is powered by our intellectual property and layers on top of your existing Microsoft Security environment. Continuously enriched with our expertise, the Difenda Shield offers custom workbooks, rules, and alerts finely tuned to your unique requirements. This plug-and-play platform ensures a smooth and scalable experience, with its capabilities expanding as you add Difenda services.

Additionally, our proactive approach extends to the remote incident response retainer, which isn’t limited to security incidents. You can utilize your retainer for services like annual advanced tuning, ensuring peace of mind and enhancing overall cybersecurity readiness.

At Difenda, our commitment goes beyond providing security solutions; we elevate your people, processes, and technology to achieve peak performance.

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Certified Where It Matters Most:

  • 24/7/365 Cyber Command Centers (C3) – ISO27001, SOC II Type 2 and PCI Certified
  • Microsoft Canada’s Security Impact Award Winner 2023
  • Microsoft Verified MXDR Solution Status

This Solution Integrates with the Following Microsoft Security Products:

  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity

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