How Difenda’s Customer-Centric Solutions Earned Them the 2023 Microsoft Canada Security Impact Award


Difenda is proud to announce it has won the 2023 Microsoft Canada Security Impact Award.  These annual Canadian awards recognize the Microsoft partners who have enhanced the lives of Canadians by championing diversity and inclusion, providing exceptional customer service and embracing digital transformation utilizing Microsoft technology.   

“We are honored to be recognized by Microsoft Canada for our security expertise,” said Derek Nugent, Vice President of Revenue at Difenda. “As a cybersecurity-first, Microsoft-only company, we strive to revolutionize the industry by meeting customers at any stage of their journey. With innovative services, we empower customers to maximize their security investments by aligning desired outcomes with their existing Microsoft Security tools. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results. We couldn’t be more excited.”  

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Why is Difenda the 2023 Microsoft Canada Security Impact Award Winner? 

The Microsoft Canada Security Impact Award is an annual recognition given to a partner who has shown exceptional achievements and contributions in the Microsoft Security partner community. The award recognizes remarkable work in addressing important security challenges, safeguarding systems and data, and mitigating risks. 

Difenda was awarded for its cybersecurity expertise, innovative services and for aligning desired outcomes with existing Microsoft Security tools. They are being recognized for their proactive approach and unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results in the security landscape. 

Difenda’s Commitment to Customer-Centric Solutions 

Difenda understands that every organization has unique needs and requirements when it comes to cybersecurity, and they prioritize understanding their customers’ specific pain points to deliver tailored solutions. 

Difenda recognizes that effective cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and they work closely with their customers to gain insights into their business objectives, risk tolerance, and existing infrastructure. This collaborative approach enables Difenda to develop customized solutions that align with their customers’ needs, providing them with the peace of mind that their valuable assets are well-protected. 

But this commitment extends beyond the initial implementation. The experts at Difenda prioritize ongoing support and engagement, ensuring that customers have access to continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and incident response services. This level of dedication ensures that organizations’ security programs can adapt to evolving cyber threats, scale with their business and stay ahead of potential risks. 

One of Difenda’s notable clients is the City of Brampton, which utilized Difenda’s MXDR service to enhance its cybersecurity and keep its citizens safe from cyberattacks.  

“In 2022, the City of Brampton partnered with Difenda for MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) as part of our cybersecurity enhancement plan to keep our citizens as safe as possible from cyberattacks,” said Douglas Elsmore Chief Information Officer of the City of Brampton. “Remarkably, we were able to optimize our IT team, maximize our technical capabilities and our taxpayer dollars with MXDR which provided the technology and expertise needed to create a proactive, and resilient security environment. 

Difenda has over ten years of experience creating valuable outcomes for customers through managed and professional services powered exclusively by Microsoft Security. Being recognized as the winner of the 2023 Security Impact Award further fuels their determination for innovation as they continue to change the game in cybersecurity for both customers and the wider community. With Difenda as a trusted partner, businesses can defend with confidence. 

Don’t wait, discover your possibilities and protect your business with Difenda’s award-winning solutions.

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