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Case Study: Building a Proactive Security Program from Start to Finish


Jul 7, 2022


Following an increase in activity on their attack surface, this Large Manufacturer was looking to establish a proactive security roadmap along with the appropriate government controls. The client was focused on updating and aligning their security program with their Microsoft First business strategy.

At the time, the client had multiple bespoke technologies in place leading to inconsistencies and a lack of visibility. To augment this, the client wanted to engage in long-term SIEM and SOC services, and advisory services with one partner.

To achieve the goal of a stronger, well-managed security program, Difenda worked to consolidate their services and optimize their product usage. Difenda brought in a vCISO to lead their security augmentation and establish a security roadmap, while also deploying Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Advanced Vulnerability Management (AVM), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) and Advisory Services.

Win Insights

Moved from strictly on-prem to all cloud-based services

Increased visibility into the IT and OT environments.

Established formalized policies, strategies, and frameworks.

Reduced legacy and bespoke technologies in their network.


To start, Difenda initiated vCISO sessions with the client to dissect and understand their current security environment. From this, we worked with this Large Manufacturer to create a roadmap and establish a more secure network.

We then immediately deployed Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint and Difenda’s Managed SIEM Services. With these tools, we were able to consolidate their log technologies and create the foundation for further security maturation. During this time, Difenda’s vCISO worked closely with the client to help their staff with the move to Microsoft technologies.

Following the establishment of a vulnerability management program and the deployment of Defender for O365 Difenda was locked in to initiate Office 365 phishing integrations to monitor what is going on within their network.

The client was thrilled with their newfound confidence in their security program, increased visibility into their network and the ROI they were seeing from their Microsoft Licenses. They decided to upgrade to E5 licenses in order to complete onboarding for Difenda’s Managed Detection and Response services. Difenda was locked in to reduce the impact of potential attacks through proactive threat hunting and remediation services.

The Large Manufacturer also engaged with Difenda’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Services in order to meet their stringent regulatory requirements. The client now operates using the NIST and ISO27001 frameworks.


The client had expectations for a fast-onboarding experience and was eager to get started on their new security program so Difenda deployed almost all of our services at once. Our vCISO was pivotal throughout the transition from on-prem to all cloud-based security solutions and helped ensure a smooth onboarding process.

In order to maintain their new security posture, Difenda meets with the client’s board of directors quarterly and completes staff augmentations services as needed.

From start to finish, Difenda was there to provide expertise, support and manage this organization’s security program.

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