4,000 password attacks occur per second, making the role of cybersecurity professionals even more crucial—and more challenging. But with an estimated 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions, the industry is in desperate need of a champion. 

With AI emerging as a powerful tool for Security Operations, join us on February 28th, 2024, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET for Microsoft Copilot for Security: Lessons from Difenda and the Partner Private Preview“.

Microsoft Copilot for Security -an advanced technology armed with cutting-edge OpenAI- comes at a pivotal moment to address these challenges. Enriched by an ever-expanding repertoire of skills and queries, it’s designed to elevate the skills of any security team.  

Our webinar, in partnership with the Microsoft Copilot for Security team, is the first of its kind. We’ll divulge key details about Microsoft Copilot for Security’s tactical capabilities, integration options and measurable outcomes so you can #SaveTimeAchieveMore.  

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn from Microsoft’s Copilot for Security team with exclusive knowledge of the Copilot technology and use cases.
  • Discover unique insights from Difenda, who is sharing lessons learned directly from the Partner Private Preview – including real customer case studies.
  • Explore the future trajectory of cybersecurity, understanding how Microsoft’s Copilot for Security, with Difenda’s custom skills, can advance your security operations.
  • Hear how Copilot for Security aligns with your organization’s strategic goals, offering a compelling ROI through its cutting-edge security capabilities.
  • Engage directly with a cybersecurity expert in our extended Q&A session, tailored for technical leaders.

What to Expect: Time-Saving Insights with Microsoft Copilot and Difenda

Starting with an in-depth exploration of Microsoft Copilot for Security. Our industry experts will deep dive into the core concepts of Microsoft Copilot. The webinar is designed to empower you with a comprehensive roadmap for Copilot readiness. We’ll detail the essential Microsoft Security tools necessary for a smooth integration.

Next, Difenda shares insider insights and lessons learned directly from the Partner Private Preview – including real customer case studies. Hear from the front lines about leveraging Microsoft Security Copilot with Difenda AIRO to advance SOC efficiency. Get ready to leap into the future of cybersecurity with the integration of Difenda AIRO and custom Copilot for Security skills built by Difenda! 

Plus, our extended Q&A will ensure no question goes unanswered. 

Aimed at providing you with practical strategies and best practices to elevate your team with automated Sec Ops, you’ll hear from seasoned SOC analysts and discover how you can streamline risk prioritization and response. 

Why Difenda is Your Trusted Advisor for Copilot for Security Integration

Difenda has been working with the Microsoft Copilot for Security Product Team as part of the partner design program. Our team is testing the product, providing feedback on core MSSP use cases, and continues to ideate on the integration of Copilot for Security and Difenda AIRO to benefit our customers and our internal SOC team.

Throughout our work with Copilot for Security, we have discovered intimate details about its operations and integration. We have gone so far as to implement the technology for a few customers, uncovering challenges and solutions within the integration phase.   

Our partnership goes beyond mere testing; we’ve successfully integrated Copilot for Security for an exclusive number of customers. This process has revealed challenges and solutions throughout the deployment, providing us with unique insights into the reality of Copilot use in security teams like yours. 


Are You Microsoft Copilot for Security Ready?