Microsoft Copilot for Security

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Thank you for your interest in the Copilot for Security Q&A event. While this particular session has concluded, your journey towards securing your digital environment with Microsoft’s advanced technology doesn’t have to end here.

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Our Experts Will Help You #SecureTimeAchieveMore in 2024

Amplify your security team’s efficiency. Learn from those who have been using Microsoft Copilot for Security to help them analyze malware code at machine speed, create incident summaries with a single click, and simplify threat hunting with natural language queries. 

Integrated with XDR, find out how Microsoft Copilot for Security puts powerful threat detection and advanced threat intelligence at your team’s fingertips.

Leverage Insider Knowledge

Gain exclusive insights into Microsoft’s Copilot for Security technology, with in-depth knowledge directly from those who have been testing it hands-on with customers, like Difenda.

Enhance Security Posture

Discover how Copilot for Security integrates with your organization’s security framework, offering advanced compliance, risk mitigation, and technical defenses against cyber threats

Strategic Alignment and ROI

Hear how Copilot for Security aligns with your organization’s strategic goals, offering a compelling return on investment through its cutting-edge security capabilities.

Named Microsoft’s Security
Impact Partner of the Year in 2023 for delivering excellence and
innovative end-to-end security.

Difenda is proud to be a long-standing Microsoft Partner, an early achiever of MXDR verified status, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and a holder of the Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization and Cloud Security.