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New on Marketplace! Difenda AVM


Oct 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our ninth offer on Microsoft Marketplace: Difenda AVM. Making Difenda the leading MSSP in terms of breadth and depth of security services on Azure Marketplace, Difenda AVM effectively minimizes the window of opportunity for attackers to penetrate your environment.  

Vulnerabilities are discovered daily across all technologies. Multiply proliferating vulnerabilities across today’s complex technological environments and you get a wheel of never-ending risk. Luckily, Difenda AVM is designed to streamline the core aspects of vulnerability management. By quickly prioritizing the most important vulnerabilities in your organization this offer mitigates the risk of a cyber breach.

By partnering with Microsoft, we make it easier to leverage expert threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, and device assessments across the entire Microsoft environment and beyond. As a Microsoft Security Partner, we are in a unique position to consolidate and integrate these security tools and provide increased visibility with the Difenda Shield. 

Uncover the key benefits of Difenda AVM by downloading the one paper!  

Over the past decade, our team noticed that increasingly complex security stacks were causing many businesses with Microsoft Security E3 or E5 licenses to experience trouble with:  

  • Legacy tools and technologies hindering the ability to detect newly sophisticated attack methods,  
  • A lack of business value or context in reporting, 
  • Overworked or under-skilled security governance workers, and  
  • Lack of automation capabilities.   

Difenda AVM can help you overcome these challenges and navigate the Microsoft Security ecosystem to better protect your organization from vulnerabilities. We maximize your Microsoft Security capabilities within your existing license to help you reach your business goals.   

With Difenda Advanced Vulnerability Management, you can experience continuous visibility. Read our latest customer win!  

How It Works

Do more, with less. Difenda Advanced Vulnerability Management continuously monitors, detects and helps provide guidance on remediation items and configuration issues in your network, all in one security solution.  

Leveraging your Microsoft security tools starting with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM), you can better understand and assess your cyber exposure.  

Difenda AMV enables you to discover vulnerabilities throughout your cloud and multi-cloud environments in real-time. Then it analyzes your vulnerabilities in the complete context of your security environment and prioritizes those vulnerabilities based on the threat landscape, breach likelihood predictions and your business context.  

How Difenda will help to better protect your organization from vulnerabilities in your network: 

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment across all technologies and assets. 
  • Prioritized remediation activities based on additional business context (such as asset sensitivity). 
  • Streamlined risk deferment, acceptance, and tracking. 
  • An automated asset management framework that improves connectivity and understanding across your organization. 
  • Real-time vulnerability management visibility through the Difenda Shield portal. 

Discover all you can achieve with Difenda AVM. Download the AVM eBook!  

Difenda AVM integrates with Difenda’s MDR for IT, MDR for OT, or additional cybersecurity services to provide customers with unified security support. This service supports all organizations looking to extend their Microsoft investment and security posture. It works alongside other Difenda and Microsoft security offers to improve organizations’ security posture.

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