Protection by the Difenda Shield starts quickly with our proven 5- step methodology. Difenda MXDR deployment leverages automation to simplify and expedite onboarding – a process which typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. 


Successful projects follow a plan. Developed from years of experience, Difenda’s delivery team guides new customers through a comprehensive checklist and onboarding services to ensure accelerated service deployment.


Our trained cybersecurity experts design, implement and enable Microsoft Security technologies required for services in the Difenda Shield.


Once the systems are built and the Shield is ready, the first telemetry data can be sent. Log sources and vulnerability scanners are configured to begin transmission. Once an asset is transmitting event log data the Shield can begin protection immediately! 

For services that require integrating customer-managed technologies with the Difenda Shield, Difenda will provide instructions and guidance to configure connections, as needed.


Difenda’s security experts validate that each service is operating as designed with a formal quality assurance process. This includes configuring customized monitoring to ensure the Difenda Shield is protecting you 24/7/365.


A series of collaborative working sessions ensure every customer hits the ground running and is able to quickly maximize Shield value while transitioning from onboarding to operations. These sessions include documentation delivery and knowledge transfer sessions – ongoing operational meetings follow a mutually agreed upon cadence.

Discover how this business achieved 100% cloud adoption in just 90 days with Difenda MXDR. Read the case study.

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