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Difenda Earns Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization


Jun 22, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Difenda earned our first Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection.

Threat protection represents a major initiative for Microsoft this year, and at Difenda we believe a proactive approach to threat detection and response is imperative to a successful security program. So critical, we immediately invested in securing this designation early this year. 

The ever-changing threat landscape requires businesses to detect, protect against and recover rapidly from attempted attacks. The Threat Protection Advanced Specialization helps customers identify Microsoft partners with validated technical capabilities in deploying Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, or Microsoft Sentinel workloads. 

Microsoft Security Advanced Specializations help customers identify partners that have validated technical capabilities in deploying Microsoft technologies, such as threat protection. By meeting strict requirements and earning Microsoft specializations, Difenda is keeping pace with today’s evolving roles and responsibilities in the security industry. 

To earn this specialization Difenda demonstrated our team’s skill and proved our expertise by displaying customer outcomes and showcasing how we protect customer environments against threats. Discover how we do it here.

In addition, this threat protection specialization signals to our customers that we are committed to cybersecurity excellence and Microsoft expertise while also validating our expertise within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Difenda’s new Specialization means that you can move forward confidently, knowing Difenda is a reliable partner committed to your success.

Learn more about how you can maximize your existing investment in Microsoft Security today! 

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