The reliance on traditional, manual security monitoring methods is already outdated. Today the odds are against security teams. Over 4000 password attacks occur a second, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs remain empty, and it only takes 72 minutes for attackers to access data. Expediting security capabilities with security automation is a critical step to maturing security environments in today’s fast-paced environment. 

Microsoft Sentinel stands as a pillar of trust, safeguarding hundreds of thousands of enterprise environments with its robust security framework. Automation is already expanding its capabilities, enabling a security ecosystem that is not only reactive but preemptively adaptive to threats.  

Let’s dive into the ways Sentinel and Difenda AIRO integrate with existing Microsoft technology to improve visibility and control. Ultimately boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of your SOC. 

Streamlining Incident Response in Microsoft Sentinel Through Security Automation Processes

AIRO’s integration into Microsoft Sentinel offers an automated solution that is efficient, scalable, and responsive.  

Difenda AIRO is an Automated Incident Response and Orchestration engine. It integrates into your Microsoft Sentinel instance and works in collaboration with Azure automation services. It leverages threat enrichment, auto-triage, incident scoring, auto-response, and service synchronization to enhance incident response capabilities and streamline security operations. 

  • Threat Enrichment: Difenda AIRO facilitates the rapid collection of incident-related context, such as IP addresses and URLs, drastically reducing triage timeframes. Automating the gathering of critical data allows for quick, informed decision-making and efficient mitigation of threats. 
  • Auto-Triage: AIRO simplifies previously manual and time-consuming processes. It automatically classifies incidents, readily identifying and dismissing benign or false-positive alerts, thus expediting overall response times. 
  • Incident Scoring: Augmenting Sentinel’s inherent severity rankings, Difenda AIRO’S Priority Score allows for a more refined prioritization of threats, ensuring that SOC teams can focus on the most pressing issues first. 
  • Auto-Response: Leveraging these insights, if AIRO is highly confident that an incident is a false positive, it can automatically close it. By intelligently automating decision-making in response to alerts, AIRO reduces human intervention, minimizes noise, and enables analysts to concentrate on more critical tasks  
  • Service Synchronization: AIRO ensures that incident data and actions are fully integrated with ITSM or case management systems. This ensures seamless integration between incident response and broader IT service management activities. 

As Sentinel and the Microsoft XDR platform continually integrate at deeper levels of automation, with tools like Difenda AIRO, security teams can allocate their skills to strategic oversight and complex problem-solving, fortified by automated systems that ensure operational resilience against repetitive cyber threats. 

Integrated Directly into Your Microsoft Sentinel Instance

One major challenge we hear from potential customers is the growing need for greater transparency in MSSP’s security operations. Businesses like yours want to understand not only what actions are being taken, how these actions are implemented and where their sensitive data is being stored.  

To address this need for visibility, Difenda’s built AIRO to operate within the customer’s Microsoft Sentinel environment. Every operation is meticulously documented in Microsoft Sentinel Workbooks, illustrating our commitment to transparency at every stage of security operations. 

This ensures that all data analytics and incident handling occur within a familiar ecosystem. It also allows customers to maintain oversight and control of their cybersecurity data. Transparency is elevated through real-time access to insights and agreed-apon automated actions.

Empowering a Cybersecurity-First Mindset with Security Automation

In partnership with Difenda, the City of Brampton adopted a cybersecurity-first approach. Leveraging Difenda’s expertise and Microsoft Security solutions, the city gained valuable insights and visibility into its security posture. This data-driven decision-making process helped the city uncover gaps in processes and optimize its resources, ultimately improving its overall security strategy. 

Maximize SOC Efficiency – Up to 70% Alert Reduction

AIRO’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel is expanding the horizons for SOC’s by significantly enhancing efficiency and simplifying complex processes. By centralizing all alert information in a single location, AIRO empowers SOCs to consolidate and review security alerts in under two minutes – a substantial improvement over traditional methods. This immediacy in information gathering accelerates the critical triage process, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. 

With 40% of cybersecurity leaders citing the volume of security alerts as the biggest challenge in their cybersecurity operations center, this solution is pivotal. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study found that enterprises utilizing automated SOAR capabilities reported a striking 40% improvement in the efficiency of security operations, highlighting the transformative impact of automation.

Correlating multiple data sets, AIRO generates a prioritization score, guiding security analysts to tackle the most critical issues first. AIRO also has the capability to determine if a user is high priority, ensuring that key personnel are protected against breaches with urgency. The incorporation of user verification and priority score playbooks change how alerts are approached. In a landscape where every second counts, as it helps to quickly identify and address threats that could potentially cause the most harm. Effectively helping allocate SOC resources. 

The synergy between AIRO and Microsoft Sentinel is further exemplified by the automatic enrollment of incident response playbooks. Should an alert signify a potential compromise, the relevant playbook is instantly triggered within Sentinel. Automating these actions with AIRO you can save time and maximize SOC efficiency.