Select Your Microsoft Technology
Select Your Service

1 Select Your Microsoft Technology

Your journey begins by selecting the Microsoft technology you want to work with. Whether it's Sentinel Defender or another Microsoft security tool, choose the technology that suits your needs. This is the foundation upon which your shield services will be built, ensuring that they cater perfectly to your requirements

2 Go Now or Add to Shield

Once you have chosen your Microsoft technology, it's time to take action. You have two options: Go Now: Select this option if you're ready to start building your shield services right away. Our platform will guide you through the process. Add to Shield: If you're not quite ready to dive in, you can add your selection to your "Shield." This is a convenient way to save your progress and return to it later when you have more time or information.

3 Save and Email Your Shield Services for Later

No matter which option you choose in Step 2, it's essential to safeguard your progress. To do this, make sure to save your selections. Plus, if you want to share your project or collaborate with others, you can email your shield services to the relevant parties. This feature ensures you can work on your shield services individually or with a team. And that's it! Our platform is designed to make the process of building your shield services straightforward and flexible. If you ever have questions or need assistance along the way, our support team is here to help. Get started now. and create the shield services that are perfect for your security program.