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Difenda Threat Hunting as a Service

Streamlined, Scalable, and Intelligence-Driven Protection

Difenda’s Hunting as a Service (HaaS) offers a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance your existing security operations without the overhead of hiring additional experienced staff. Our service is structured around the Hunting Maturity Model (HMM), requires minimal onboarding time, and provides accelerated overall cyber program evolution. Our HaaS offering includes ongoing Difenda initiated hunts based on emerging threat intelligence, while supporting customer initiated hunt requests.

Difenda’s Model Overview

    As part of the service, customers benefit from Difenda’s HMM-aligned HaaS model, which includes the following ongoing deliverables:

    1. Hunts (HMM 1):

    • Objective: Rapid hunts to identify immediate and emerging threats
    • Trigger: Difenda auto-initiated
    • Examples: Cyber activity impacting VPNs, firewalls, zero-day vulnerabilities, traditional IOC sweeps, incident correlation
    • Benefits: Quick deployment, immediate threat identification, and mitigation

    2. Threat Hunt Requests (THR) (HMM 1 or HMM 2):

    • Objective: Threat hunts based on specific indicators of compromise or suspicious activities
    • Trigger: Customer request
    • Examples: Campaigns targeting cloud environments and user account takeovers
    • Benefits: Customized threat hunts addressing specific concerns, reducing risk exposure from targeted threats

    3. Structured/Scheduled Hunts (HMM 3):

    • Objective: Ongoing, scheduled threat hunts for deep and persistent threats requiring sophisticated analysis
    • Trigger: Difenda auto-initiated
    • Examples: Midnight Blizzard, New Methods of BlackCat Ransomware
    • Benefits: Comprehensive reports with in-depth analysis and long-term security improvement recommendations

    Leveraging AI-Tech and Automation

    • Difenda utilizes emerging AI technology, including Microsoft’s Copilot for Security and Azure Automation services, to ensure hunt relevance and expedited service delivery, meeting HMM 4 requirements.

      • Enhanced Threat Detection: Summarizes and analyzes vast amounts of threat intelligence
      • Real-Time Threat Mapping: Maps threats to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and associated CVEs
      • Strategic Threat Hunts: Generates comprehensive threat hunt plans for more strategic and focused efforts

    Service Benefits

    • Integration with Existing Systems: Fully integrates with your existing Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR technologies for seamless operation and enhanced insights.
    • Expertise and Advanced Delivery Model: Leverages Difenda’s deep cybersecurity expertise and ongoing technology integration.
    • Cost-Effective: Offers a predictable pricing model aligning with your budget, providing top-tier security operations support without the need for expensive hires.
    • Extended Team Capability and Capacity: Acts as an extension of your team, complementing the efforts of your junior analysts.
    • Proactive Risk Management: Hunts and mitigates risks proactively, enhancing your overall security posture.

    Why Organizations Choose Difenda to Accelerate Their Microsoft Security Journey

    • Microsoft Verified MXDR Partner
    • Microsoft Copilot for Security Partner
    • Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) Member
    • Advanced Security Specialization Partner
      • Cloud Security
      • Threat Protection
    • Microsoft Security Impact Partner of the Year 2023
    • Microsoft Security Excellence MSSP of the Year 2024 Finalist
    • Microsoft Security Partner of the Year in 2024 Finalist