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E2E Microsoft Security Roadmap

End To End Microsoft Security Roadmap | 2 Week Assessment

When customers with challenging environments request help from Microsoft, they call us.

Whether just getting started or already deployed, Difenda can help Microsoft customers decipher the complexities of Microsoft Security and develop tailored guidelines for your company to do more with less. With this comprehensive roadmap, you will discover your organizational threat landscape and gain visibility into your IT environment.

How It Works:

Many businesses have multiple overlapping, and bespoke tools in their security environment and don’t even know where to start when it comes to strengthening their security posture. That is exactly what Difenda’s end-to-end roadmap is for. We help you take a step back and understand your current environment, then plan steps to get to where you want to go.

  • Information collection workshop: Difenda will meet with you to collect information about you and the current security infrastructure of your business to assess your current environment.
  • Difenda provides a visual of the environment and together we decide on the ideal outcome for security posture.
  • Difenda will provide a modular and incremental security map with actionable steps to achieve that goal while maximizing your Microsoft investment.

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End to End Security Roadmap

The phases of the assessment and roadmap include:

Discover: Review organization, environment, Microsoft licensing, and existing roadmaps. Develop: Analyze and document the findings from the discovery. Develop the roadmap and related work plans Review & Signoff: Assist with review and approval of roadmap with the senior sponsor(s) Execute: Iteratively execute, monitor, and manage roadmap activities Manage: Difenda Shield suite of managed products: Managed SIEM, Managed EDR, AVM, MXDR for IT, and MXDR for OT

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End to End Security Roadmap


  • Discover Microsoft products and services that meet your business goals
  • Consolidate your security stack
  • Optimize your Microsoft Licensing spend
  • Understand which Microsoft products and services address your technical and business needs
  • Decrease your security program’s total cost of ownership

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End to End Security Roadmap

What Sets Us Apart:

Over the past decade, our team noticed that increasingly complex security stacks were causing many businesses with Microsoft Security E3 or E5 licenses to experience trouble with optimizing their licensing spend, achieving specific security goals, and integrating their security capabilities without losing previous custom development efforts.

To resolve this, Difenda developed tools and systems in collaboration with Microsoft Security to consolidate and simplify your cybersecurity program. Including our new End-to-End Microsoft Security Roadmap which is designed to help you discover effective Microsoft products and services, uncover technology you have already invested in, and understand which Microsoft products and services address your technical and business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Security Roadmap Assessment service from Difenda?
The Microsoft Security Roadmap Assessment is a service from Difenda that provides a detailed review of your current security environment, whether you’re just starting out or already have some Microsoft security solutions deployed. Once the assessment is complete, Difenda will provide a comprehensive report outlining your current security posture and a tailored roadmap for implementing or adjusting Microsoft Security tools.
Who is this service suitable for?

This service is best suited for customers who do not have a large security team, are unfamiliar with Microsoft Security suite of tools, or are looking for an expert assessment of their current environment. It can be utilized in any industry and is particularly beneficial for the Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Institutions. While it’s suitable for any size of organization, it’s often discussed in the mid-market to large corporate segments.

What does the assessment and roadmap process include?

The process includes five phases: Discover, Develop, Review & Signoff, Execute, and Manage. The discovery phase reviews your organization, environment, and existing roadmaps. In the development phase, findings from the discovery are analyzed and documented, and the roadmap is developed. The review & signoff phase involves assisting with the review and approval of the roadmap with senior sponsors. In the execute phase, roadmap activities are iteratively executed, monitored, and managed. The manage phase involves the Difenda Shield suite of managed products.

What Microsoft products are utilized in this assessment?

Microsoft Products utilized in this assessment include Microsoft Entra, Endpoint Manager, Purview, Priva, Defender, and Sentinel.

What will the assessment report include?

The report will outline your current security posture, any gaps in controls, your regulatory and compliance framework, security tools, and current Microsoft Licenses. It will also include a tailored roadmap for how to implement or adjust Microsoft Security tools.

What is the Difenda Shield suite of managed products?
The Difenda Shield suite of managed products includes Managed SIEM, Managed EDR, AVM, MXDR for IT, and MXDR for OT.
How long does the assessment take?

The assessment typically takes two weeks to complete.

Who performs the assessment?

The assessment is performed by Difenda’s team of security experts, all of whom are Microsoft Security certified technicians.

Can the Difenda team implement the recommendations from the assessment?

Yes, the Difenda team can support your organization through the implementation of any of the recommendations via additional services.

What are the benefits of this assessment?

This assessment will help you understand your organizational threat landscape, discover gaps in your current security measures, and receive a customized roadmap for improving your security posture. It will also show you how to best use the Microsoft Security Suite of tools along with Difenda’s tools to secure your organization.