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Microsoft and Difenda

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

Empower your organization’s security posture with the comprehensive Microsoft Sentinel Workshop. This workshop is designed to integrate Microsoft Sentinel along with select Microsoft 365 security products, providing a deep dive into the Sentinel platform and active threat analysis for both on-premises and cloud environments. It offers two main scenarios: remote monitoring for hands-off management, and joint threat exploration to bolster your SecOps team’s capabilities.

By the end of this five-week workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of Microsoft Sentinel as a leading cloud-native SIEM solution, a clear picture of potential security threats, and a strategic roadmap for deploying Sentinel within their operations. The workshop consists of several key phases, including initial setup, configuration, data collection, optional remote monitoring, and thorough threat analysis, culminating in a detailed results presentation and action plan. Elevate your security readiness and strategic approach with this immersive and educational workshop.