How This Pharmaceutical Organization Increased Visibility while Mitigating Risk with Difenda AVM


Sep 8, 2022


Following a period of accelerated growth, this Pharmaceutical Organization experienced an increase in activity on their attack surface. At the time, they had many bespoke tools and apps causing an excess of vulnerabilities that their team was struggling to manage.

The client turned to Difenda to consolidate their tools and deploy their Microsoft E5 license capabilities to better address vulnerabilities in their network.

To achieve the goal of better processes for managing vulnerabilities, Difenda worked with the client to establish a roadmap to success. Through this process, we collaborated to better align the client’s people, processes and technologies to get them where they needed to go.

Win Insights

Difenda effectively addressed gaps within the network to create a solid foundation.

Increased visibility into the client’s network assets with customized reporting.

Maximization of Microsoft Security E5 license capabilities.

Asset prioritization based on criticality and business context.


To start, Difenda assessed their current network, removed bespoke technologies and addressed gaps within their current environment. With this new foundation, we then collaborated with their team to create a roadmap to help implement and optimize their program.

With the deployment of Difenda’s AVM platform, Difenda improved scanning cadence to better detect vulnerabilities and alert the client’s team in real-time. Additionally, Difenda created customized outcome-based metrics and reporting dashboards to provide greater visibility into the client’s assets.

The client was thrilled with increased visibility and collaborated with our team to establish customized business rules to normalize vulnerabilities, secure configuration data and capture an actionable prioritized assessment of vulnerability.

Altogether, the client now has clear internal processes and accountability measures in place that helps mitigate risk and better protect their critical data.


In order to maintain compliance with strict regulations in the Pharma industry Difenda built fundamental security policies and customized metrics to help reduce stress during audits.

Difenda’s cybersecurity experts continue to work closely with their internal team to support them with navigating the Microsoft environment and managing vulnerabilities.

Moving forward we plan to develop a program for patch management and to alleviate stress on their internal team.

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