Case Study: Simplify Operations & Increase Visibility with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Apr 8, 2022


In modern cybersecurity, there are many factors that need to be considered in order to achieve maximum security. Visibility is an important one of these factors and one that a Canadian company struggled with. The company had McAfee ePO for over 15 years along with a number of other tooling that made true visibility hard to achieve. It was important to consolidate their vendors, simplify their operations, and extend their application visibility and monitoring through the deployment of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Difenda helped the company reduce operational overhead and costs while dealing with a difficult project timeline. With their expertise, they were able to deploy successfully during this time period without any business impact or loss of capability from existing solutions in place; it’s clear that Difenda cares about your success!

Win Insights

Difenda won when compared to 3 other competitors. E5 adoption

Difenda’s proposed scope was the best aligned bid for the company

Microsoft Security E5 license adoption

Our certifications and strong references gave confidence to a nervous team

Customer Situation

Due to their large client base and prominent public profile, the company required a lift and shift approach, not a straight migration from Microsoft’s E3 and P2 license to Microsoft’s E5 license. Moving to an E5 license would provide them with Sentinel, MCDA, MDI and AAD among other security tools. Along with this shift, new asset inventory tools and processes were also needed. The company used Microsoft Sentinel, but only used it very lightly and would continue to increase the utilization as they moved toward MDR services.


Difenda was locked-in and ready to assist with the design, deployment, testing, and documentation of the E5 transition. There were over 300 use cases to be reviewed and migrated. With Difenda’s intense training in Microsoft tooling and extensive knowledge transfer, the company was able to have a smooth and successful transition with aggressive onboarding in less than 90 days.

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