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Case Study: MXDR for Operational Technology


Visibility Leads to Unified Protection of Business Critical Production Systems.

Difenda MXDR for OT.

In 2021, Difenda was asked by a customer to run attack scenarios against their OT environment to determine potential risk and assist in demonstrating the benefits on a Microsoft Defender for IoT implementation. Due to the sensitivity of the OT environment, Difenda worked with one of our OT/ICS partners, IdeaWorks, to build a simulated lab environment, designed to replicate a small subset of the customer’s environment.

Download the Case Study
Learn how we helped our customers achieve unified protection of business-critical production systems with our MDR for OT solution, powered by Microsoft Defender for IoT. Download the case study today:

Difenda MDR-OT Features:

– Turn-key agentless extended detection and response (#XDR)
– Rapid deployment
– Works with diverse endpoints, #IoT#OT, and industrial control system (#ICS) devices

Difenda MDR-OT is now available on Azure Marketplace!
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