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Case Study: Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (M-EDR)


May 1, 2022

Key Drivers and Business Outcomes

The goal of any modern cybersecurity program is to streamline the people, process, and technology that drive an organization forward. For this customer, with a limited IT team, realizing this goal required leveraging operationally sustainable security tools.

This company needed streamlined security technology and specific controls to increase their visibility and response capabilities and to tackle the ever-advancing technology.

Win Insights

Single endpoint security solution simplifying operations and reducing licensing complications

Increased visibility over legacy AV solutions

Key operational support for a small, busy IT-team

Customer Situation

This large construction firm had several significant obstacles to overcome in order to reach their desired security outcome. These challenged included a limited capability to deploy and manage the tools, as well as limited operational capability to investigate and respond to alerts during busy periods and afterwards.


Difenda was contracted to provide a best-practices design, deployment, and management or next-generation EDR protection for a large number of global endpoints and priority access to Difenda’s Remote Incident Response (RIR) service at preferred rates. Guidance and optimization of the product to streamline detection and response capabilities were part of the solution.

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