This large media organization has a complex multi-cloud environment comprised of a corporate IT network and a public-facing product network that is continuously changing. They were struggling to manage multiple tools as their extremely complex environment caused visibility limitations and inefficient reporting capabilities.

Due to the uniqueness of their security networks, finding an effective solution that integrated their multiple operating systems was key. However, an adequate solution did not yet exist for such hybrid-cloud environments.


Increased visibility into their environment

Strengthened Security Program

Faster Response Capabilities

On-demand reporting dashboards


Difenda immediately deployed Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint to consolidate the customer’s corporate IT environment and create the foundation for further security maturation. We then worked diligently with the Microsoft engineers to architect a solution that would integrate the media company’s product network. Utilizing Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Suite, Difenda was able to build out a solution that provides the customer with larger bandwidth to account for video assets and customized response capabilities for faster remediation.


Difenda created customized automated recommendations for remediation and an integrated reporting suite through the Difenda Shield for optimal visibility across all their new environment. By migrating to Microsoft Security and modernizing its platform with Difenda, the media company can now deliver innovative educational experiences to a wider audience on a more reliable network.

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