In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the need to stay ahead of threats has never been more critical. We are excited to announce our upcoming webinar, “Inside Our Command Center: A Live Look at Cyber Threat Hunting.” This event is designed to provide you with deep insights into the world of proactive cybersecurity, highlighting how we leverage the power of Microsoft Copilot for Security to anticipate and counteract cyber threats effectively.

Given the complexity and volume of data in today’s landscape, SOC teams often find themselves overwhelmed. The number of professionals specializing in this field is limited, and even fewer possess the comprehensive skill set required for effective hunting. Consequently, many threat hunting teams are understaffed and unable to conduct as many hunts as necessary. As a result, most organizations spend approximately 10 to 30 hours developing and performing a single threat hunt. 

Organizations are increasingly turning to advanced tools like Microsoft Copilot for Security to enhance their threat hunting capabilities. This webinar will delve into how integrating machine learning with Microsoft Copilot for Security can streamline operations and bolster both predictive and responsive security measures.

Webinar Highlights

  1. Understanding Modern-Day Hackers: Discover the profiles and motives behind today’s cybercriminals, ranging from financial gain to geopolitical influence, and learn how this knowledge can shape more effective defense strategies.
  2. Expert-Led Demonstration: Kyle Link will demonstrate proactive cyber threat hunting live, revealing how we use advanced strategies and technologies to counter sophisticated cyber threats. 
  3. AI-Driven Threat Hunting with Microsoft Copilot for Security Enhances Defense: Delve into how AI and machine learning integration can streamline your operations and enhance your predictive and responsive capabilities. 
  4. Advanced Threat Hunting Framework: Learn how our advanced framework anticipates, detects, and neutralizes threats preemptively, thus protecting your organization against the dynamic and evolving nature of cyber threats.
  5. Engage with our expert during a live Q&A session: We’re addressing your specific cybersecurity questions and concerns and gaining tailored insights to bolster your defenses. 
  6. Exclusive Offer: All attendees will receive free lightning hunt credits, providing a unique opportunity to trial Difenda’s cutting-edge threat hunting.

What to Expect: Threat Hunt With Microsoft Copilot for Security

To kick things off, we will shed light on the role of the modern-day threat hunter. This segment aims to outline the evolving responsibilities, skills, and importance of threat hunters in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

We will then take the lead to elaborate on the core concepts of threat hunting, explaining what it entails and why it is crucial for organizations to adopt this proactive approach. We will discuss the key methodologies and best practices that drive effective threat hunting.

A significant focus of the webinar will be how we are leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Security. Demonstrating how its integration with machine learning enhances our threat hunting processes, making them more efficient and effective.

Our expert threat hunter will demonstrate the practical application and effectiveness of these integrated solutions. Plus, you will see firsthand how we use Microsoft Copilot for Security to enhance our threat hunting capabilities.

We will also touch on the importance of good threat intelligence in threat hunting. We will explore why accurate and timely threat intelligence is vital for a successful hunt and how it can be integrated with Microsoft Copilot for Security.

The session will end with a live Q&A segment, with a portion dedicated to address questions from attendees. Ensuring a comprehensive discussion on key topics of interest, such as:

  • Can threat hunting help deal with false positives in Sentinel/Defender?
  • What data sources are considered too complex for to be used with Copilot?
  • Can it work locally on a SecOps Analyst desktop or does it require Microsoft Sentinel & Azure?

By attending, you will gain actionable insights into the advanced strategies and technologies that we employ. Enabling your organization to move towards a more secure and integrated future.

Special Offer for Attendees

All attendees will receive free lightning hunt credits, providing a unique opportunity to trial Difenda’s cutting-edge service. This is an excellent chance to experience our advanced threat-hunting capabilities and see how they can benefit your organization.


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