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Inside Our Command Center: A Live Look at Cyber Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting With Microsoft Copilot for Security

Wednesday June 26, 2024, at 10am PT | 1pm ET

This live Q&A will help you understand the importance of threat hunting to your cybersecurity strategy and how we harness the power of Microsoft Copilot for Security to collect, analyze, and drive hunt initiatives. 

All attendees will receive free lightning hunt credits, providing a unique opportunity to trial Difenda’s cutting-edge service.

If your current managed security service provider isn’t using AI-driven technologies like Microsoft Copilot for Security, you’re at a disadvantage.

Ensure your organization’s security is proactive, precise, and preventative. Discover how threat hunting is essential in the fight against cyber threats, as Kyle demonstrates live how we collect, analyze, and drive hunt initiatives with the assistance of AI.



How Microsoft Copilot for Security-Driven Threat Hunting Enhances Defense

Delve into how Microsoft Copilot for Security and machine learning integration can streamline your operations and enhance your data collection, analysis and hunting capabilities.

Watch an Expert Led Threat Hunting Demonstration

Kyle Link, Architect, Cyber Research & Response will demonstrate proactive cyber threat hunting live, revealing how we use advanced strategies and technologies to counter sophisticated cyber threats.

Engage With Our Expert During a Live Q&A Session

We're addressing your specific cybersecurity questions and concerns, and gaining tailored insights to bolster your defenses.

Named Microsoft’s Security
Impact Partner of the Year for delivering excellence and
innovative end-to-end security.

Difenda is proud to be a long-standing Microsoft Partner, an early achiever of MXDR verified status, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and a holder of the Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization and Cloud Security.