Defending a Vibrant City with Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions 

As the ninth most populous municipality in Canada, the City of Brampton faces an ever-evolving threat landscape in maintaining the safety and security of its nearly 700,000 citizens. To address these challenges and create cyber resilience in Brampton, the city partnered with Difenda, a Microsoft Security service provider, to deploy a suite of Microsoft Security solutions, ensuring a proactive and robust defense against cyber threats. 

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Comprehensive Security Suite for Maximum Protection 

With a growing attack surface and increasing prevalence of ransomware, the City of Brampton sought to optimize its IT resources and enhance its cybersecurity strategy. By consolidating its various security tools into a single suite, the city saw immediate benefits from Microsoft Security solutions, including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. 

This integrated approach provided the city with a holistic perspective of its environment, enabling rapid response to malicious emails and proactive device management. The City of Brampton now enjoys seamless protection, ensuring a safe digital environment for citizens while optimizing taxpayer dollars. 

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Empowering a Cybersecurity-First Mindset 

In partnership with Difenda, the City of Brampton adopted a cybersecurity-first approach. Leveraging Difenda’s expertise and Microsoft Security solutions, the city gained valuable insights and visibility into its security posture. This data-driven decision-making process helped the city uncover gaps in processes and optimize its resources, ultimately improving its overall security strategy. 

Creating Cyber Resilience in Brampton with Microsoft Security Solutions and Difenda

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