Every day it seems that the news is filled with stories about ransomware attacks and companies struggling to repair the damage brought about by the attackers. Across the globe and irregardless of the type of business, sensitive information is being leaked and the price tag to fix each breach is growing by the day. According to Forbes Magazine, “In just the United States, ransomware victims spent an average of $2.09 million on remediation costs. But it is not just money that companies lose in a ransomware attack. Businesses also lose the time they spend dealing with the issue, their good reputation with their customers, operational costs, legal costs, additional business, and higher insurance premiums.

March 31 is World Backup Day, a time to reflect on the importance of data backup and restoration. Even if you don’t typically think about it, your data is one of your most important assets. Here are five tips for making sure your data is safe:

1. Make data back up a priority. Data loss can occur for many reasons, such as a system failure or stolen device, not just ransomware attacks. Make sure your backups are comprehensive and up-to-date.

2. Store your backups in a safe place, preferably off-site or in the cloud. Be sure not to leave backups where hackers may locate them.

3. Test your backups regularly to ensure that you can actually restore your data if needed. Don’t disregard the restore part of the process!

4. Back up your data today, before something happens. Data loss can be devastating, and it’s much easier to prevent than to fix. Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

5. Take the Pledge! Hop on the World Backup Day bandwagon with us. Share a post to help keep yourself, colleagues and family protected from ransomware attacks, system failure and stolen devices.

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