Our recent webinar, “Beyond Silos: Bridging Information Protection and Security Operations,” co-hosted with industry leaders from Epiq Global, delved into how organizations can #PutSynergyInAction by merging data security and cybersecurity operations into a cohesive strategy using Microsoft Purview.

In the evolving domain of cybersecurity, it is increasingly critical to integrate and optimize information protection and security operations. This session was aimed at helping organizations develop robust, interconnected security systems.

Key Takeaways

  1. Data-centric Security Frameworks are Crucial: In today’s threat landscape, protecting assets means focusing on data-centric security measures. Data is the core target of most cyber threats, making its protection paramount.
  2. Breaking Down Silos Between Data Security and Cybersecurity: The integration of data protection with cybersecurity operations ensures that security measures are applied in isolation but across the board.
  3. Leveraging Microsoft’s Security Technologies: Microsoft’s security solutions such as Defender, Sentinel, and Purview play a crucial role in creating an interconnected security ecosystem.
  4. Strategically Balancing Data Protection with Business Objectives: Employing adaptive protection measures to dynamically refine Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. This allows customization based on individual user risk profiles. Ensuring that security measures align seamlessly with business requirements without compromising data integrity.
  5. Enhancing Data Security with Targeted Access Controls: Strengthen your cybersecurity framework by implementing robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.
  6. Operationalizing Security Through Advanced AI: Tools like Microsoft Copilot for Security are transforming operations by using AI to analyze, predict, and respond to threats. Significantly speeding up response times and reducing manual overhead.
  7. Importance of a Phased Approach: Implementing security solutions should follow a structured approach to avoid overwhelming systems with false positives and inefficient practices.

Speaker Introductions

Andrew Hodges, Vice President of Service Delivery and Product Development at Difenda, is a visionary leader known for his strategic focus and ability to develop and deliver innovative and operationally effective services. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, Andrew’s strategic focus and ambitious leadership style have proven his ability to design and execute many complex security and technology projects, including Microsoft Copilot for Security. 

Jeremy Sawyer brings over two decades of experience in crafting and securing both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. As the current Director of Solutions Architecture at Epiq, Jeremy is dedicated to aiding organizations in bolstering their compliance, data protection, and privacy through Microsoft Purview solutions. His expertise lies in implementing preventive controls to safeguard against insider threats and prevent data leaks. 

The Challenge: Siloed Security Operations

Historically, organizations have managed information protection and security operations as separate entities. Leading to inefficiencies and gaps in threat response. “You look at typical ransomware attacks, it generally always involves data and a data exploration is the norm,” Andrew highlighted. Microsoft has made monumental strides towards providing a set of security technologies to help organizations protect all those vectors.

Organizations are increasingly relying on robust solutions to safeguard their digital assets. However, integrating these powerful tools often leads to an overwhelming influx of information protection alerts. This poses significant challenges for both Information Protection Teams and Security Operations Teams. These teams find themselves at a crossroads, navigating through the deluge of alerts without a clear strategy to address them effectively.

Security teams are in desperate need of a solution. They need to unify these processes from security admin and security operations perspectives and then to the data security side.

Microsoft Purview as a Solution

Microsoft Purview offers a comprehensive approach to data governance, ensuring greater control and visibility across data platforms. Its integration into security operations is essential for enforcing robust data protection standards and compliance.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Purview

  • Data Discovery and Classification: Purview’s capabilities to discover and classify data automatically are critical for preemptive protection strategies.
  • Advanced-Data Governance: Enables effective data management and adherence to compliance standards, integral to secure data handling practices.
  • Integration with Security Operations: Demonstrated compatibility with other Microsoft security tools, providing a holistic approach to bridging data governance with security operations.

Demonstrations Highlight Integration and Automation

Integrating Microsoft Security Solutions

Andrew Hodges demonstrated how Microsoft’s Defender, Sentinel, and Purview seamlessly integrate to provide comprehensive protection and rapid incident response. This integration enables a proactive defence posture that is crucial for modern enterprises facing sophisticated threats.

Utilizing AI for Enhanced Security Operations

Jeremy and Andrew both discussed how AI technologies, particularly Microsoft Security AI technologies, can significantly enhance the capabilities of security operations centers (SOCs) by providing advanced analytics and automated response options. These tools allow for quicker and more precise decisions, cutting down response times and reducing the risk of human error.

Conclusion: Strategic Security Insights

The webinar emphasized that a strategic, integrated approach to cybersecurity is crucial in today’s threat landscape. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies offered by Microsoft, organizations can not only protect their data and assets more effectively but also streamline their security operations for better agility and responsiveness.


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