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Crown Corporation Achieves 100% Cybersecurity Cloud Adoption In 90 Days with MXDR


Apr 1, 2022

Key Drivers and Business Outcomes

The goal of any modern cybersecurity program is to streamline the people, processes, and technology that drive an organization forward.  For one Ontario-based retail Crown Corporation, realizing this goal required significant changed throughout the company. 

Complex operational requirements, poor visibility into security processes, legacy infrastructure, and increasing demand meant internal teams were stretched too thin to prioritize security. The added challenge of hiring, training, and retaining staff only compounded that problem. The need for a solution that leveraged the latest in cloud technology, automation, and machine learning was clear.

Through the combination of managed security services, guided support, training, onboarding, and bespoke technologies, the company was able to transition to a cloud-native cybersecurity solution in only 90 days.

Win Insights

Difenda effectively addressed gaps to create a solid foundation and plan.

Difenda provided full visibility with next-generation cybersecurity

Customer had rapid transition into a full-stack Microsoft centric cybersecurity solution

The customer successfully completed cloud Adoption in 90 days

Customer Situation

Cybersecurity quickly became the focus after the company experienced significant demand and growth. They needed a next-generation platform that could protect its $1 billion market, 2+ million customers, and 200 partners.

The company had to overcome several significant obstacles if it wanted to achieve a modernized cybersecurity program. These challenges included rethinking it’s IT infrastructure, an MSSP that relied on several incompatible solutions, poor visibility into cybersecurity processes, complex operational requirements, and the need to bolster its cloud security.


Difenda was contracted to take over managed security services and develop a rapid transition plan to a full-stack, Microsoft-centric cybersecurity solution.

The scope of the project included custom development, project management, solution implementation, onboarding, support, and the rollout of the ATT&CK-driven methodology to achieve continuous improvement.

The cybersecurity program was completely overhauled with the implementation of Microsoft Sentinel, Azure AD, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Difenda Shield (AVM, SAT), IAM, and many other services.

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