2022 was a big year for Difenda in many ways. At the beginning of the year, we launched Difenda Build, our channel partner program, with the goal of supporting more customers, providing continued value to our current partners, and extending the power of the Difenda Shield to new resellers. 

With the support of Difenda and all our amazing partners, we have been able to accomplish just that. 

As service providers and resellers collectively strive to deliver the highest caliber of security services to their customers, Difenda has been able to support our partners with flexibility and customization opportunities so they can create more win-win-win opportunities.  

Since then, we have grown in staff, agency partners, and connections. This past year was filled with hard work and dedication by so many different members of the Difenda Build team and we succeeded in so many ways. 

Below are just a few of the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve. 

Incredible Growth

Despite many challenges along the way, Difenda Build experienced immense growth in 2022.  

While we still have many goals to be achieved, we are proud to say that we have seen 400% growth in our partner channel since this time last year. But that’s not all:   

  • Our internal partner team grew three times the size 
  • We are now able to reach thousands more customers  
  • Our pipeline is now 25-30% from channel partners

“We are so thankful for the incredible partner relationships we have been able to create over the past year, says Juliana Zaremba, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Difenda. “Our channel partners are key to our growth strategy and building a better Microsoft Security experience for our customers. As a team, we are thrilled to see this incredible growth and are excited to continue to develop as we bring change to the business and to the cybersecurity industry. 

We owe our success to the initiatives that helped us not only gain industry awareness and start new conversations but also by consistently up-skilling our partner teams on Difenda initiatives to combat today’s toughest cybersecurity challenges.  

Launch of the Build Partner Resource Center

We collaborate with our partners to reach a common goal: protecting people, processes, and technology. We know that this means more than signing a partnership agreement.  

We’re committed to our partners’ success, which is why we’ve developed a dedicated resource center housing the latest updates, partner readiness materials, and marketing campaigns to help streamline the sales process and take business to the next level. 

After years of hearing service agencies struggle with finding outcome-driven security services that make the sales process easy, Difenda now offers a streamlined, 5 stage approach to sales where we take on the heavy lifting. The resource center is just one way we make our partners’ lives easier.  

Current Partners Can Visit the Resource Center Here.

Discover more about some of Difenda’s current partners here.

Providing More Value with Partner Events

In our quest to help our partners meet their business goals and support our joint customers to do more with less, we have participated in some partner-led events throughout 2022.  

These events are designed to provide more value to customers as they move through their cybersecurity journey.

Difenda also drove countless private events with partners and customers throughout the year.

The First Build Partner Champion

As we roll into 2023, we are always striving to create an amazing experience for our partners. To show our appreciation for the support and trust our partner representatives display by bringing clients into our ecosystem, we have created the Build Partner Champion program. 

The Build Partner Champion is a monthly award that recognizes and celebrates partners who share Difenda values and go above and beyond to create amazing security solutions for our joint customers.  

The award recognizes a partner team member who has made a tremendous impact on our joint customers. This partner’s hard work and dedication to Difenda solutions and our partnership push our business forward and continue to create great outcomes for our customers.  

This month we announced our inaugural Build Partner Champion, Jordan Herman of Softchoice. Jordan has continuously shown us the value of determination and collaboration. As a long-standing Softchoice representative and Difenda supporter, Jordan has pushed the needle for Difenda when it comes to providing end-to-end Microsoft services for his customers.

When selecting Jordan, it was important for us to know what drives him to continuously think Difenda when it comes to Microsoft Security services. To Jordan, one thing is always clear: Difenda Delivers. He was never disappointed when it came to our services and his ability to later find more value for customers in their Microsoft Security and Difenda investments through other services and support.  

Learn more about how Difenda makes it easy for our partners to win in the video below.  

Building Momentum to Accelerate Growth in 2023 

Looking back, it’s incredible to see what we have been able to achieve with Difenda Build in only one year.  

Expanding Difenda’s offering through partner channels allows us to continuously meet the needs of customers’ evolving security requirements. In the creation of the Build Partner Program Difenda committed to partnering only with organizations that align with our goals. This means our partner program is built on helping customers increase security posture, optimize tools to do more with less, and maximize Microsoft Security investments.  

As we continue to expand and develop more partner relationships, we hope to continue to provide a seamless sales process for our partners. In effect, protecting our customer’s businesses with industry-leading cybersecurity technology and expertise.   

Thank you to everyone involved in helping us achieve these accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2023.

Join the Build Partner Program

Difenda provides cybersecurity services to our partners to help drive security solutions maximizing Microsoft Security Technology investments. This helps extend the overall outcomes customers are looking for in a Managed Security Services Partner. 

As soon as you partner with Difenda, you gain a host of benefits that help you develop and market security solution services. 

Learn more about the benefits of being a Difenda Build partner and our sales process in the video below. 

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Discover more about some of Difenda’s current partners here.