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How a Law Firm Improved Their Security Posture with Data Governance and Compliance


The Challenge

This large law firm faced challenges in managing and protecting sensitive data across its various offices. With strict regulatory requirements and frequent cybersecurity threats, they were on a mission to improve their security posture and make maintaining compliance less challenging for their team.

Although the firm had already invested in Microsoft Security E5, its existing data governance, compliance, and security functions were siloed, making it difficult to maintain consistency and efficiency across the organization. The firm needed a comprehensive and integrated approach to these functions that would improve collaboration, streamline processes, and reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

The Solution

The law firm turned to Difenda to implement an integrated approach to data governance, compliance, and security with Microsoft Purview Professional Services. Difenda worked with the firm to assess its existing processes and identify areas for improvement. They then deployed Microsoft Purview to gain additional visibility into the firm’s data storage, flows and current data governance processes.

Utilizing Microsoft Purview, Difenda uses this data and earlier findings to create a solution that integrated data governance, compliance, and security functions, breaking down silos and improving collaboration across teams. The solution provided the firm with a single pane of glass for all data governance, compliance, and security functions, allowing them to monitor and protect their sensitive data with ease.

The Outcomes

Increased Collaboration

Improved Data-Driven Business Decisions

Enhanced Compliance Adherence

Improved Security Posture

The Result

By utilizing data to better understand the law firm’s business risk, Difenda was able to create synergies between the data governance, compliance and security departments. These new processes and procedures helped the law firm mature its overall security posture very quickly.

By breaking down silos and improving collaboration, the firm was able to streamline processes and reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance violations. Difenda’s holistic approach to Microsoft Security tools was instrumental in helping the firm achieve its goals by utilizing the technology it had already invested in.

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