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Difenda’s Microsoft Advanced Specializations & Your Security Solutions – 2023


Sep 2, 2023

Difenda is among the first Microsoft Partners to earn both the Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization and Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization

When looking for new ways to protect and monitor the security of your IP and customer data you want to know who the reliable partners are for your security services. This means looking for focused knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success at delivering outcome-driven customer solutions. 

For Difenda, committing to cybersecurity excellence and Microsoft expertise means continuing to improve our team by constantly upskilling and training our technical team members. Validating our performance through external sources, and demonstrating our growth within Microsoft security. To remain a trusted security partner for you.  

Earning Microsoft Security Advanced Specializations is one way we do this.  

These specializations help customers identify partners that have validated technical capabilities in deploying Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Microsoft Sentinel workloads and more. By meeting strict requirements and earning Microsoft specializations. Difenda is keeping pace with today’s evolving roles and responsibilities in the security industry. 

Difenda is pleased to share our latest achievement, the Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization.

In 2023, cloud attacks have continued to become more persistent, sophisticated, and costly than ever before. The constantly evolving cloud landscape requires businesses to not only protect their data with information and event management. But to also optimize their automation and response capabilities. However, with limited access to skilled personnel in-house, many organizations are turning to partners like Difenda to secure their business-critical systems and data in the cloud.

The Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization helps customers identify partners that have proven experience. In implementing comprehensive protection across Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. To earn this specialization, partners must meet rigorous requirements, including passing specific Microsoft exams, achieving a certain level of Azure consumed revenue, and providing customer references.

Difenda is pleased to have met all of these requirements and earned the Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the best-in-class cloud security solutions.

In the past year, we have continued to invest in our cloud security expertise by:

  • Expanding our team of cloud security experts
  • Developing new cloud security solutions
  • Partnering with Microsoft to stay up-to-date on the latest cloud security threats

We are committed to providing our customers with the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure in the cloud.

We hope that this achievement will further strengthen our relationship with our customers and partners, and help us. To continue to provide the best possible cloud security solutions.

Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization 

Threat protection represents a major initiative for Microsoft this year, and at Difenda we believe a proactive approach to threat detection and response is imperative to a successful security program. So critical, we immediately invested in securing this designation in early 2022. 

The ever-changing threat landscape requires businesses to detect, protect against and recover rapidly from attempted attacks. The Threat Protection Advanced Specialization helps customers identify Microsoft partners with validated technical capabilities in deploying Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, or Microsoft Sentinel workloads. 

To earn this specialization Difenda demonstrated our team’s skill and proved our expertise by displaying customer outcomes and showcasing how we protect customer environments against threats. 

Security, compliance and scalability in the cloud. Download our latest customer win!

100% on the Microsoft Solutions Partner Qualification

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner is the backbone of everything we do here at Difenda. In early 2022, Microsoft announced major changes to its partner program, one of which is the Solution Partner Designation, and ranking based on Partner Capability Score (PCS). 

The Microsoft Partners Security Designation necessitates companies to achieve a 70 percent Partner Capability Score (PCS) through the demonstration of cybersecurity expertise and past performance. Usage growth and number of successful deployments, and validating the skills and training of your team. 

Difenda earned a perfect, 100 percent score. Meaning that we leave nothing behind when it comes to protecting your environment and providing excellent outcome-based solutions for your business. This only further proves how focused and equipped we are to provide unmatched service and expertise. 

Our growing list of advanced specializations, Gold-level Microsoft competencies and Microsoft Solutions Partner qualification score. That means you can move forward confidently, knowing Difenda is a reliable partner committed to your success.

It is imperative that we exceed industry standards and are credentialed where it matters most. We are committed to advancing our security expertise with additional certifications and specializations in the future in order to provide the best services for our customers.  

Learn more about how you can maximize your existing investment in Microsoft Security today! 

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