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Meet the Experts: Achieving Seamless Security Operations with Advanced Information Protection

Meet the Experts: Achieving Seamless Security Operations with Advanced Information Protection 


As we gear up for our webinar, “Beyond Silos: Achieving Seamless Security Operations with Advanced Information Protection,” we are thrilled to introduce you to our distinguished speakers, Andrew Hodges of Difenda and Jeremy Sawyer of Epiq. This event is your gateway to mastering the integration of Information Protection and Security Operations using Microsoft Purview. Guided by insights from two of Microsoft Security’s top partners.

Andrew Hodges

Andrew Hodges

With a penchant for cultivating high-achieving teams driven by exceptional teamwork, Andrew Hodges stands out as the Vice President of Service Delivery at Difenda. In his role, Andrew is pivotal in spearheading the C3 Delivery team to innovate and provide operationally effective services that not only secure clients but exceed their expectations. His strategic foresight and ambition have been instrumental in navigating and accomplishing complex security and technology initiatives.

Andrew’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management from Ryerson University. Complemented by a certificate in Computer programming analysis from Niagara College.

Since stepping into the technology realm in 2001, he has honed his expertise through various computer operations and leadership roles over twenty-two years. Acquiring certifications like CISSP, PCI-P, Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, CompTIA Security+, MCSE (2003), Scrum Master, and ITIL Foundation.

Jeremy Sawyer

Jeremy Sawyer

Jeremy Sawyer brings over two decades of experience in crafting and securing both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. As the current Director of Solutions Architecture at Epiq, Jeremy is dedicated to aiding organizations in bolstering their compliance, data protection, and privacy through Microsoft Purview solutions. His expertise lies in implementing preventive controls to safeguard against insider threats and prevent data leaks. All while ensuring business continuity.

Jeremy’s previous tenure includes a significant role as a Cloud Architect with Varonis, focusing on M365 across North America, and solution engineering for data protection with various sales teams in the U.S. Before Varonis, Jeremy enriched his technological acumen at SADA Systems, a cloud solutions provider, through various IT roles.

Beyond Silos: the crawl, walk, run approach to managing insider risk

The impending interactive Q&A session with Andrew and Jeremy is poised to offer attendees a chance to elevate their organization’s security posture into the next era of the cybersecurity landscape. Participants will gain insights into how Difenda and Epiq leverage Microsoft Purview to enhance team interactions and operational efficiency, ensuring a superior experience.

This webinar will enable you to:

  • Discover the integration of Microsoft Purview into your security operations for streamlined processes.
  • Learn about cutting-edge technologies that can safeguard your organization against upcoming tech trends and threats.
  • Interact directly with cybersecurity experts during an extensive Q&A session designed for business leaders.
  • Embark on a journey from planning to the full-scale implementation and integration of Microsoft Purview with SecOps.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your security strategy with advanced information protection insights from our esteemed speakers.


Achieve Seamless Security Operations with Advanced Information Protection

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