Maximize Microsoft Licensing and Implement Greater Controls with MDR for IT


Aug 30, 2022


Like many businesses, this large energy manufacturer held a Microsoft Security E3 license but was unaware of what Microsoft products and services existed, which ones they were already paying for and which could help reach their business goals.

To optimize the customers’ Microsoft Security investment, Softchoice engaged with Difenda to complete a Microsoft 365 gap assessment, deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and implement Managed Detection and Response, and Advanced Vulnerability Management for increased visibility and control.

This approach increased ROI and reduced the total cost of investment by establishing a consolidated program with expert technology and an easier-to-manage interface.

Win Insights

Increased ROI from Microsoft License upgrade.

End-to-end coverage across the attack chain.

Increased security program controls

Reduced the need for highly skilled internal personnel.


Softchoice leveraged our strategic partnership to maximize the client’s Microsoft Security investment and implement greater program controls. Difenda completed a Microsoft 365 gap assessment and demonstrated the full capabilities of Microsoft Security’s E3 license.

Following successful deployment, the client upgraded to a Microsoft Security E5 license for its advanced compliance and analytical capabilities. The company then turned to Difenda for Managed Detection and Response, and Advanced Vulnerability Management services. Difenda was locked in to reduce the impact of potential attacks through proactive threat hunting and remediation services.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we discovered valuable End Customer Investment Fund (ECIF) funding and were able to support the deployment of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. This allows their program to further mitigate risks and scale security resources.

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“We couldn’t believe all the Microsoft capabilities we were missing out on. Difenda, not only had the knowledge, tenure and experience with Microsoft, they proved their ability to protect our network.”

– Director, Security Operations


The client was initially looking for a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service following a security incident. But with a lack of highly skilled internal personnel and program controls, Difenda helped convey the value of Microsoft.

The strategic partnership between Softchoice, Microsoft and Difenda was key to this manufacturer’s success.

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