As we approach the launch of Microsoft’s new partner program on October 1st, 2022, the race to Microsoft’s number one Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) has begun. Difenda’s cutting-edge technical operations and commitment to cybersecurity expertise positions us as the front runner for Microsoft’s number one MSSP in North America.  

In cybersecurity, slow and steady do not win the race. Difenda’s technical team is cutting edge and is creating innovative services powered by the Microsoft Security ecosystem, that continues to keep the customer journey front of mind. 

But it’s not just our innovative services that set us apart. Difenda is changing the game in cybersecurity by altering course from prioritizing MDR to now strategically working with customers end-to-end.  

“Security is constantly advancing to meet the needs of our customers, says Derek Nugent, VP Revenue at Difenda. “It is important to understand where customers are specifically so we can help them with their unique needs at that point and then get them where they want to go. For us, that means moving beyond managed detection and response services to transforming security operations with End-to-End Microsoft Security solutions. 

The only MSSP, Microsoft Security Partner, to Offer 8 Managed and Professional Security services on the Azure Marketplace. 

Difenda is now the only MSSP, Microsoft Security Partner to offer eight managed and professional security services on the Azure Marketplace. These offers cover the entire Microsoft Security Product Suite to meet customers wherever they are in their cybersecurity journey. Current offerings include:

These offers enable customers to use more of their Microsoft license capabilities and drive more ROI by maximizing their investment in any stage of their cybersecurity journey. From security planning and spending to uncomplicated reporting, Difenda is easing the burden of security for thousands of businesses by making cybersecurity simple. 

Our product development takes a customer-led, outcome-driven approach. Difenda, as a Microsoft partner, is one of the few vendors exclusively focused on offering MDR, SIEM, EDR and professional services in partnership with Microsoft. We’ve seen a greater reliance on Microsoft’s offerings across our customer base and in turn, a need to manage it. “In choosing Difenda, customers get the best of both worlds: industry-leading cloud infrastructure, and an unmatched 24/7/365 security partner to manage it on their behalf, says Derek Nugent.  

Validated Microsoft Security Partner  

Difenda is an engaged Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) partner– a testament to our commitment to the broader Microsoft community and our customers. As a MISA partner, Difenda participates in Microsoft technical and service innovation activities. This also gives us access to exclusive programs and offers for their customers, such as the ability to execute Microsoft Security Assessments, offer exclusive funding and incentives and receive additional training. 

Difenda’s strategy has always been Cybersecurity First, Microsoft Only. By championing Microsoft technology and challenging the capabilities of the Microsoft Environment, Difenda has been able to validate our technical capabilities in more ways than one. Difenda is the only security partner to have earned:  

  • A perfect score on the new Microsoft Security Qualification,  

Plus, Difenda is currently validating their Governance, Risk and Compliance specialization.  

For Difenda, it is imperative that we are constantly innovating and exceeding industry standards to meet customers where they are on their journey. We are committed to advancing our security expertise and further broadening our product offerings in the future to continue to provide unmatched services.  

Looking forward, we are thrilled to harness the momentum we have built over the last year and use it to accelerate into this new leg with Microsoft. 

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