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Invero and Difenda Partner for Seamless Cloud Solutions


Jan 23, 2023

Invero and Difenda have announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end cloud and security services, exclusive to the Microsoft portfolio. 

“These days, security is all about consolidation- and that bleeds into the sales process as well. You can no longer turn to one business for implementation, another for customization and integration, and another for management. We are thrilled to be partnering with Invero to allow us to act as a one-stop shop for Microsoft Security solutions for clients that seek high-quality cloud solutions.” 

— Derek Nugent, Vice President Revenue, Difenda 

“Partnering with Difenda, who share our value in a Microsoft-focused approach is truly game-changing. Together, we have the opportunity for further integrations that can bring better outcomes for our customers. From Infrastructure & Application Modernization solutions, to optimizing the Data Estate, and implementing end-to-end Microsoft Security services, Invero and Difenda complement each other at every step of the customer journey.

— Shawn Ambrose, Chief Revenue Officer, Invero Digital

Better Together 

Invero and Difenda are Microsoft Solutions Partners that have their own unique specializations. Invero is an expert in Azure Infrastructure, Application Innovation, and Data & AI, while Difenda is an expert in Security. Their goal is to leverage this new partnership to provide full end-to-end services to their clients, while powering this exclusively using Microsoft products.  

Martin Evers

“Finding a consultancy partnership solely dedicated to Microsoft solutions can be challenging, but Invero and Difenda’s expertise in this area makes them a formidable force in the field.  Their combined knowledge and skillset will make them a valuable asset to their clients.” 

Many cloud solutions firms form partnerships that are not exclusive to Microsoft products and run into challenges with system integration. A major value of working with Invero and Difenda is their commitment to Microsoft Services and Products and providing the best customer experience. Together, they have 15 unique Microsoft Commercial Marketplace offers that cover the end-to-end needs in the cloud environment. Invero and Difenda complement each other and form the two halves necessary to create a complete solution that leverages Microsoft Azure technologies. 

Niall Currid

“Effective cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive cloud strategy and should never be sacrificed.  By joining forces, Invero and Difenda seamlessly combine their strengths to provide unparalleled protection for their clients.” 

About Invero 

Invero is a Canadian Digital Innovation Company with 3 Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations that include Data & AI Azure, Infrastructure Azure, and Digital & App Innovation Azure in addition to 3 Microsoft Specializations. It helps forward-thinking companies Innovate, Scale and Lead. Since 2010, Invero has developed deep expertise in Azure Migration & Optimization, DevOps, Big Data, Digital Workspaces, AI & ML, IoT, and Managed Cloud Services. An award-winning company and Microsoft Solutions Partner, Invero has a track record of helping clients rapidly achieve the benefits of cloud solutions.

About Difenda 

Difenda is a privately held SecOps-as-a-Service company founded in 2008. It delivers 24/7/365 security operations backed by modernized PCI, SOC 2 Type II, and ISO 27001 certified Cyber Command Centers (C3). As a proud MISA Member and MXDR verified solutions provider with proven end-to-end managed and professional services, Difenda can scale with customers through their SecOps journey. Learn more about Difenda’s partnership program here.

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