Cybersecurity is inherently complex; its dynamic and spreads across a diverse array of systems and activities worldwide. Most businesses use dozens of security solutions and tools to manage their cybersecurity program. But, compiling so many tools into a large security stack not only complicates your management processes but can be very expensive. 

Microsoft spent many years developing the largest and most-advanced security ecosystem in the world. They invested in simplifying and accelerating every organization’s ability to stay secure regardless of their changing needs. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are in a unique position to consolidate and integrate your security tools while maximizing your Microsoft Security investment. 

Uncover the key benefits of Microsoft Security by downloading our End-to-End Microsoft Roadmap One Paper. 

Over the past decade, our team noticed that increasingly complex security stacks were causing many businesses with Microsoft Security E3 or E5 licenses to experience trouble with:  

  • Optimizing their licensing spend 
  • Achieving specific security goals, and 
  • Integrating their security capabilities without losing previous custom development efforts.  

To resolve this, Difenda developed tools and systems in collaboration with Microsoft Security to consolidate and simplify your cybersecurity program. Including our new End-to-End Microsoft Security Roadmap which is designed to help you: 

  • Discover effective Microsoft products and services, 
  • Uncover technology you have already invested in, and  
  • Understand which Microsoft products and services address your technical and business needs. 

With the End-to-End Microsoft Security Roadmap, you can experience the adoption and maturation of nearly the entire suite of Microsoft Security Products. Download our latest customer win! 

How it works

Whether just getting started or already deployed, Difenda can help Microsoft customers decipher the complexities of Microsoft Security and develop tailored guidelines for your company to do more with less. With this comprehensive roadmap, you will discover your organizational threat landscape and gain visibility into your IT environment. This plan outlines your regulatory and compliance framework, security tools, gaps in controls, and current Microsoft Licenses. 

We then develop a plan with you to address any security gaps mapped to your Microsoft 365 Licensing, with a prioritized workstream to overcome any gaps or deficiencies. The roadmap workstreams are reviewed with the relevant stakeholders of your company and signed off by your senior sponsors. We then execute on the agreed roadmap workstreams while monitoring your organizational changes, IT environment, and threat landscapes for material changes.  

As your environment becomes more secure, we adjust the roadmap based on the material changes.  Difenda also offers an integrated cybersecurity suite of modules and managed services powered by Microsoft Security technologies. This suite, called the Difenda Shield, gives companies the tools they need to stay vigilant, agile, and collaborative. 

Bolster your security, not your workload. Download our End-to-End Microsoft Security eBook.

The key to cybersecurity in 2022 is doing more with less. By partnering with Difenda and Microsoft you: 

  • Consolidate your security stack,  
  • Optimize your Microsoft Licensing spend, and  
  • Decrease your security program’s total cost of ownership.  

Difenda’s End-to-End Microsoft Security Roadmap can help you wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey. Work with our Microsoft Security Experts on your Microsoft Security Roadmap here.