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Difenda Wins the ‘Great Place to Work’ Award


Oct 21, 2021

We’re proud to announce that Difenda has officially won the ‘Great Place to Work‘ award this year. Our recent win of this award is an achievement our entire staff holds close to our hearts, as it highlights our efforts to be a culturally sound, innovative, and value-driven cybersecurity company.

‘Great Place To Work’ is an organization known for its authority on workplace culture globally. They recognize companies that display outstanding employee experience and leadership skills that generate record-breaking revenue and increased innovation in the marketplace.

It is an honor to have Difenda’s unique organizational culture and employee experience recognized this year, as these are categories that our leadership team and staff have worked hard to upkeep and improve over the past several years. 

We’ve built a team that is passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to going above and beyond to help our customers achieve their outcomes by offering the appropriate services, expertise, and insights to help drive an increase in security operations maturity. 

We take pride in our ability to provide sustainable security operation services that are fully integrated through our innovative Difenda Shield platform.

A Foundation Built on Sustainability and Outcomes

The entire Difenda team strives to display to our customers the same core values that we abide by internally: to create value collectively by providing desired business outcomes, developing sustainability for long-term growth and evolving deep-rooted relationships, encouraging each other through collaboration and honesty.

Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Derek Nugent says that the company’s dedication to these core values is what allows Difenda to successfully assist customers at every stage of their cybersecurity journeys, and result in being recognized for the ‘Great Place to Work’ Award—a hefty and cherished accomplishment in his eyes.

“Difenda receiving the Great Place to Work Award is a great reminder to myself and the entire staff that we’re on the right track. When I take a good look at the modern work culture we’ve put in place as a team, as well as the periodic goals we’ve set and achieved for this company, I can say all of the hard work was worth it, and it’s nice to be seen and recognized for it. Our drive to succeed and customer-centric approach is what I feel makes Difenda a great place to work.

It is the unified, connected culture that continues to drive Difenda forward. We are proud of the work that we do, bringing cybersecurity services to diverse organizations globally, and helping customers drive value through the power of Microsoft’s consolidation and integration strategy.

We are thrilled to have been recognized by Great Place to Work for our standout culture and work ethic in the cybersecurity space. A huge shoutout to our amazing team members who make this possible every single day!

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