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Cybersecurity For Schools

Achieve A Secure Learning Environment

Difenda delivers A+ worthy cybersecurity solutions to protect schools from ransomware, data breaches and other advanced cyber threats. Our modular solutions enable schools to secure what they need when they need it.

Are You Struggling To Manage Multiple Cybersecurity Products?

Consolidation and Simplification: The Future of Cybersecurity Management provides readers with proven steps to get the highest possible value from your Microsoft Security investment while simplifying the overall security environment.

Support Student Success With A+ Security

As educational institutions rely more on technology and interconnected systems to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation, multi-cloud environments are putting you more at risk for cyber attacks. All areas of the business are being targeted by threat actors. From admissions, and application services, to the pipeline between high schools and higher education, cyber incidents are imminent.

With 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring and threat protection you gain peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect the sensitive information of students, staff, and faculty while ensuring the continuity of operations for student success.

The Education Sector Is Facing An Explosion Of Cybercrime

In 2022 alone, schools faced:


Rise In Ransomware


Rise In Malware


Rise In IoT Attacks

Bridging The Cybersecurity Gap In Education

School boards are facing greater cybersecurity challenges as they see more students, disperse classrooms, constrained resources and reduced budgets each year. K-12 schools need to secure email networks, cloud apps and endpoints while maximizing public funding.

In an environment of limited resources, education leaders should leverage security investments to focus on the most impactful steps. At Difenda our goal is to introduce tools and features that can create better security outcomes to inform business decisions without dictating where your data is stored, or locking you into a contract with services you will never use. Our modular and customized approach allows you to get only the services you need.

Colleges and universities are constantly adopting new technologies to enable smarter campuses and more inclusive learning. With that, higher education faces a multitude of threat vectors that vary depending on the business persona. The majority of the users of higher-ed systems are students, who typically use their own devices to access university systems. But faculty, staff, and alumi all pose additional risk to the security environment through personal or business owned technology and devices.

The security architecture for faculty, students and alumni requires alignment between network segmentation, optimal wireless environments, protected cloud-based applications and user identity security. Managing this all demands tons of internal resources and funding.

Difenda recognizes the different bandwidth and traffic patterns in each education persona and offers customized solutions so your can protect your business critical data and extend only necessary elements across larger domains like email.

Choose The Best Security Solutions For Your School

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Optimize Microsoft Security A3 or A5 licensing capabilities, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with Difenda. By eliminating duplicate technology and identifying unused license capabilities, organizations can streamline their security environment and save money.

Whether just getting started or already deployed, Difenda can help Microsoft customers develop tailored guidelines for your company to do more with less. With this comprehensive roadmap, you will uncover technology you have already invested in and understand which Microsoft products and services address your technical and business needs.

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Cybersecurity In Education FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Difenda Cybersecurity Solutions In Education?

Difenda’s cybersecurity solutions can offer several benefits to the education sector, including:

  1. Protection against cyber threats: Difenda’s cybersecurity solutions can help schools and school boards protect their networks, systems, and sensitive data from various cyber threats, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
  2. Compliance with regulations: Educational institutions are often required to comply with specific data privacy and security regulations, such as FERPA and GDPR. Difenda’s cybersecurity solutions can help ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid potential legal and financial consequences.
  3. Improved network visibility: the Difenda Shield provides greater visibility into network traffic, helping identify and mitigate potential security risks.
  4. Reduced downtime: A cyber attack can result in significant downtime for an educational institution, disrupting classes and operations. Difenda’s solutions can help minimize the impact of a cyber attack, reducing downtime and minimizing disruption.
  5. Enhanced student and staff safety: By protecting sensitive data and preventing cyber attacks, Difenda’s solutions can help ensure the safety and privacy of students and staff, promoting a secure and safe learning environment.
What Is The #1 Cybersecurity Threat For Schools Today?

The #1 cybersecurity threat for schools today is ransomware attacks, often deployed through phishing attacks. 81% of Ransomware attacks occur in the education sector, with attackers targeting vulnerable systems and exploiting security weaknesses due to limited security resources to gain access to sensitive data.

Ransomware attacks can have a significant impact on schools, disrupting classes, operations, and the personal information of students and staff. It is crucial for schools to implement robust cybersecurity measures, such as regular data backups, network segmentation, and user education, to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and other cyber threats.

Learn more about the state of ransomware in 2023 in our Guide to Ransomware Protection here.

How Can Difenda Support Cybersecurity Funding For My School?
Microsoft offers exclusive funding opportunities and incentives to their security partners who hold Advanced Specializations and certifications. These offers promote the deployment of their security solutions by expert security providers to their shared customers.

Difenda is able to offer these programs on behalf of our customers because of our longstanding partnership, our certifications, and our commitment to training our team in areas customers need support.

Discover more in our Microsoft & Difenda Funding & Incentives Guide here.

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