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Deepak Khandekar

Director of Governance,
Risk & Compliance

Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Deepak Khandekar, Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, believes that results-driven actions are key to fast-tracked security operations management. As Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, he is responsible for developing, establishing and maintaining a company-wide information security compliance program. As well as the management of Difenda’s GRC compliance practice, including GRC Advisory, Risk Assessments, Compliance Readiness Assessments, and Information Security Audits. Deepak’s passion and outcome-driven performance have demonstrated his ability to build peak-performing teams and achieve cross-functional business objectives.

After earning a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai, Deepak started in the security industry in 2008 and practiced his skills over the past fifteen years in different roles at Difenda, formerly Paladion. He is a CISM, ITIL and SO Certified Lead Auditor. With his team-building expertise and ability to achieve cross-functional business objectives, he has continued to change the game for Difenda’s Governance, Risk and Compliance services.

When not managing Difenda GRC, Deepak enjoys his time listening to music.