Cybersecurity trends indicate a shift in the attention of cybercriminals toward cloud environments. Microsoft’s customer data shows that the number of organizations with four or more cloud workloads has increased by more than 40% yearly. In turn, as of 2024, 45% of breaches are cloud-based. This growth in cloud infrastructure and cyber threats emphasizes the need for scalable and effective cloud security solutions to protect an expanding digital footprint 

With 4,000 blocked attacks per second targeting Microsoft cloud identities, join us on March 21st, 2024, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET to Demystify Defender for Cloud with Difenda and Microsoft “. 

Microsoft Defender for Cloud -an integrated security solution designed to provide comprehensive threat protection and security management for cloud workloads across multi-cloud environments – comes at a pivotal moment to address these challenges. Aimed at enhancing the security of cloud resources beyond just Microsoft, it is designed to improve visibility, compliance, and detection support. 

This webinar, in partnership with the Microsoft Security team, is skipping the fluff for a technical discussion on operationalizing cloud security. We’ll divulge key details about Microsoft Defender for Cloud, multi-cloud integrations and automation capabilities.   

Cloud Security Webinar Highlights

  • Learn from Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud team with exclusive knowledge of cloud security technology and use cases.  
  • Discover Defender for Cloud’s ability to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a robust security posture that aligns with compliance protocols. 
  • See concrete evidence and case studies demonstrating the efficacy of Defender for Cloud. 
  • Get an exclusive look at how a new tool that enhances alert precision and accelerates response times with automation
  • Engage directly with a cybersecurity expert in our extended Q&A session, tailored for technical leaders. 
  • Leave with a clear path from initial Proof of Concept to full-scale Defender for Cloud implementation. 

What to Expect: Arm yourself with knowledge that’s substantial, not superficial.

This webinar kicks off with an in-depth exploration of Microsoft Defender for Cloud, where our industry experts will deep-dive into the core concepts of operationalizing cloud security. Designed to empower attendees with technical insights, the session outlines a comprehensive roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Cloud implementations and effective cloud posture management. 

Following the foundational insights, Difenda will highlight Cloud’s ability to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a robust security posture that aligns with compliance protocols, including customer case studies. Attendees will then get an exclusive look at how Difenda AIRO enhances alert precision and accelerates response times for cloud alerts. This segment highlights the future of cybersecurity, highlighting the speed and efficiency of cloud incident response with automation. 

Additionally, an extended Q&A segment will ensure that no question remains unanswered. 

Aimed at providing you with practical strategies and best practices for operationalizing cloud security in 2024, you’ll hear from seasoned cloud architects and discover how you can streamline risk prioritization and response, paving the way for more efficient and effective cloud posture management. 


Demystify Defender for Cloud on March 21

Why Difenda is Your Trusted Advisor for Operationalizing Cloud Security

In 2022 Difenda earned The Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization. This specialization serves as a Microsoft verification for partners with a verified track record in delivering robust security measures across Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Difenda is excited to stand among the few who have achieved this distinction, a clear reflection of our dedication to providing top-tier services to our customers.