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Case Study: Regaining Your Safety Posture After a Cyber Attack



Following a collection of cyberattacks in the surrounding area, this city felt a sense of exposure and engaged with Difenda to optimize and strengthen its security posture. Like many organizations, this customer had already invested in Microsoft Security products but was not maximizing on their investment. To achieve the goal of a stronger, more threat-resistant security program, Difenda worked with Microsoft to optimize their product usage, complete a staff augmentation, and deploy Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Cloud App Security and Identity Protection. This approach reduced vulnerabilities by strengthening the attack surface, supported the transition to Microsoft Security and increased their internal team’s confidence.

Win Insights

Our quality staff augmentation gave confidence to their team.

Established end-to-end coverage across the attack chain.

Increased ROI from Microsoft License purchase.

Their hybrid security environment promoted further cloud adoption.


Difenda was locked in to mitigate risks and scale security resources through the deployment of Defender for Microsoft Endpoint. Following deployment, this organization’s staff faced challenges navigating the Microsoft Security ecosystem. Our cybersecurity experts worked closely with their already lean staff to assist in the modernization of their technology and maximization of Microsoft license capabilities. The success of this solution lead to Microsoft providing additional End Customer Investment Fund (ECIF) funding to accelerate the adoption of products the organization had already purchased. This supported the deployment of Microsoft Cloud App Security and Identity Protection which ensures their valuable data is protected at all times.


Due to their large database and prominent public profile, timing was an important factor for this organization. With Difenda’s intense training in Microsoft tooling, the organization was able to have a smooth and successful transition with aggressive onboarding in less than 90 days. Guidance and optimization of the Microsoft tools and capabilities were key to our joint success. Difenda provided the confidence they needed to move forward and continues to react and respond quickly to help secure this large municipalities security posture.

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