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Case Study: Difenda MDR & Managed SIEM


Mar 30, 2022

Key Drivers and Business Outcomes

Modern cybersecurity is focused on integrating the people, processes, and technology needed to help organizations evolve and thrive in the modern world. This company, a subsidiary of a large global parent organization, required maximizing their Microsoft investments, as well as implementing staff development, in order to realize their full potential.

Win Insights

Dedicated Resources to counteract older SIEM technology and endpoint challenges

Quality staff augmentation for an already lean-staff

Dynamic MDR deployment and response

Customer Situation

The company faced many challenges in growing their security team capabilities through dedicated resources. These difficulties included older SIEM technology and endpoint technology challenges, the need for aggressive Microsoft technology deployment and management requirements, as well as training.


Difenda was locked-in to provide high level detection and response through Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Server. The dedicated resources, an integral part of the security operations team, featured proactive collaboration and world class integration. The onboarding was fast, thorough, efficient, and well-communicated. Difenda continues to react and respond quickly to help the business thrive.

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