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Case Study: E2E Microsoft Security Roadmap


Key Drivers & Business Outcomes

Utilizing the best cybersecurity tools and partners is important to ensure your security posture is up to date and in alignment with a specific framework. This was especially important for a large coffee manufacturer whose goal was to modernize their entire security program and adhere to a mature Framework, such as NIST. The company needed access to a broader skillset than what was currently available in their small team. They also required assistance in reviewing, developing, and executing a vision based on security maturity, cloud transformation, consolidation of cost, and true visibility. To make this happen, the company required a full security technology transformation, a meaningful information security program, and increased real-time security insights—also generating actionable business intelligence. Along with that, it was important for a reduction in third-party security product costs and renewals as well as a simplification of procurement through a consolidation of vendors.

Win Insights

Acceleration of GRC practices powered by Microsoft Insights

Comprehensive solution from initial design of security program strategy to ongoing security operations delivery

Adoption of maturation of nearly the entire suite of Microsoft Security products

Customer Situation

Through our initial investigation we uncovered multiple bespoke security solutions, no agility for digital transformation, a small cloud footprint, and overlapping tools that were causing unnecessary spending. This combined with a lean staff made it clear that consolidation was key to a successful security program moving forward.


With the help of Difenda, the large coffee manufacturer was able to utilize Microsoft-powered insights for intelligent security program management, and the Difenda GRC managed service offer, informed by Microsoft Security solutions. The company now leverages a vCISO for quarterly planning and board meetings to provide a Difenda E2E Microsoft Security Roadmap for their Microsoft Security journey.

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