Following a period of accelerated growth, this Pharmaceutical Organization experienced an increase in activity on their attack surface. At the time, they had many bespoke tools and were unaware of all the technologies in their OT environment. They needed a new MSSP that could remove bespoke technologies and improve their security posture, quickly.

This Pharmaceutical organization engaged Difenda to deploy the Microsoft Security E5 tools they had already invested in, gain visibility into their OT environment, and support their already-lean team with threat monitoring activities.

To achieve the goal of optimizing their Microsoft license, Difenda worked with the company to increase their Microsoft product usage and deploy all of Difenda’s managed services.

Win Insights

Established a roadmap for the complete maturation of their E5 license.

Reduced total cost of ownership of other tools and increased ROI.

Consolidated and eliminated bespoke security tools.

Customized reporting allowed for better decision-making and security outcomes.


To start, Difenda was locked in to establish a foundation of Microsoft tools and scale their security resources through the deployment of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Sentinel. We deployed Difenda’s MDR for IT and Advanced Vulnerability Management (AVM) services to assess their environment and establish a co-management system moving forward. Difenda’s Microsoft Security expertise and ability to consolidate and eliminate bespoke security tools really impressed their team.

The success of the initial solution led to the deployment of Microsoft Defender for IoT at one of their primary plants, with the goal of increasing visibility into their OT environment.

Deployment of MDR for OT allowed for new discovery of OT/ICS crown jewel assets and visibility to their environment that they never had before. Difenda also worked to classify their OT/ICS assets with a High Consequence Event Assessment and provide them with the business impact context for their OT/ICS assets. This provides the organization with better information to make better security use cases, enhance playbook development and make better decisions for outcome-driven security outcomes in their environment.

Looking to the future, the client is engaging with Difenda to manage their Security Awareness Training and Phishing program, leveraging the Microsoft platform offers to further consolidate their security tools.


The customer was looking for a long-term managed security services provider. Our cybersecurity experts worked closely with the client’s internal team to create a roadmap to help implement and optimize their E5 suite. We took the time to mature the IT environment before tackling the OT environment to ensure a smooth transition.

We continue to take a flexible approach to our security programs and are able to support the client in all their security needs as they grow.

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