MXDR allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from a world-class cybersecurity program. It broadens the scope of security while breaking through visibility barriers by integrating protection across an organization’s endpoints, servers, cloud applications, emails, and more. 

Consolidating the security stack with MXDR plays a large role in improving a business’s entire security strategy; from people, processes and technology. It handles threat detection, incident response, continuous monitoring, analysis of IT assets and ultimately the communication of all this back to the business.   

MXDR solutions mitigate common pain points that modern IT departments typically face, such as high alert volume, threat analysis and skill shortages. Some of the key benefits of MXDR include:   

Increased Visibility

MXDR breaks through visibility barriers, offering a fuller understanding of the security environment. It illuminates relationships between alerts and incidents, so security teams can spend less time investigating threats. Difenda MXDR allows you to streamline your cybersecurity response and improve your data reporting capabilities for a broader view of the threat landscape.  

Proactive Threat Detection

MXDR identifies threats in real time and deploys automated remediations or remediation suggestions, minimizing the gap between the speed of compromise and speed of detection. 

Learn more about Difenda’s 4-step MXDR methodology. Download the infographic.

Incident Prioritization

MXDR solutions evaluate incidents and provide weighted assessments to prioritize remediation and recommend actions aligned with a business’ custom requirements. 

Faster Response Times

Access to a 24/7/365 SOC with real-time threat monitoring and reporting capabilities allows your team to receive alerts faster.  

Automation Capabilities

MXDR offers tools that automate tasks that may be taking too much of your analyst’s time. Having a dedicated MXDR team enables you to rely on artificial intelligence and automation processes to detect threats, such as zero-day attacks. Therefore, eliminating the need for ineffective signature-based antivirus solutions that are slowing down your response.   

Better Protection of Sensitive Data Stored in Cloud or Hybrid Environments

Experienced MXDR providers will run simulated attacks within your organization’s critical infrastructure. Leveraging a purple team approach to identify hidden threats, MXDR will build use cases, and deploy updates to SIEM platforms. All of these processes help to mitigate risk within your cloud environment and draw real-time data for you to track assets within your network.   

Dedicated Support and Alert Management

MXDR reduces the amount of time internal security teams spend manually investigating threats. Correlated alerts streamline notifications and reduce noise in analyst inboxes. This increases efficiency and provides a more complete picture of the incident. With MXDR’s dedicated account teams, we ensure your desired outcomes are always in focus. MXDR reduces the amount of time analysts spend investigating threats by correlating alerts to streamline notifications and reduce noise. 

To learn more about Difenda’s technical account managers or dedicated resources contact us today.

In an increasingly complex threat landscape, MXDR is an efficient tool to reinforce your security programs. Difenda MXDR solutions maximize efficiency and reduce attacker dwell time to mitigate the potential impact of a breach. 

Difenda MXDR integrates well with an enterprise’s existing Microsoft Security ecosystem, minimizing onboarding time and maximizing efficiency. 

Break Through Visibility Barriers for Improved Security Resiliency with Difenda MXDR. Download the MXDR eBook!