We are thrilled to introduce Jonathan Raymond, Cybersecurity Executive- Ontario Public Sector at Microsoft and the proud recipient of the April Build Partner Champion award. Jonathan has consistently demonstrated commitment to Difenda and Microsoft’s better-together story. His passion for collaboration, innovative thinking, and ability to execute have set him apart as a true champion, not only for Difenda but also for his customers and colleagues, well deserving of this recognition. 

We sat down with Jonathan Raymond to gain valuable insights into his strategies to overcome cybersecurity challenges in the public sector, and the key factors that have contributed to his success working with Difenda.  

Managed Microsoft Security in the Public Sector  

Jonathan specifically works with different government groups and agencies to support them on their journey with cybersecurity, identity, access management and compliance. Throughout his experience, he found that there are many unique characteristics in both the business processes and the security landscape that require specialized knowledge and support to navigate.  

From understanding budgeting and resource restrictions to navigating the often-complex procurement process, partners in this sector face a multitude of obstacles. Finding the right security service isn’t always easy.  

One thing that can make it more difficult is the lack of understanding among partner solutions regarding the intricacies of the public sector, leading to rigid or “cookie-cutter” approaches that may not align with each customer’s environment, Jonathan explained.  

Luckily, Difenda has been excellent at assessing the customer environment and meeting our joint customers where they are on their journey.  

How Does Difenda Meet the Unique Needs of Your Public Sector Clients?

Working with Difenda has made Jonathan’s job a lot easier because of the team’s ability to excel in meeting the unique needs of customers by demonstrating a deep understanding of their challenges and recognizing the specific skills required to address challenges effectively. 

Difenda’s approach to security maturity is rooted in a comprehensive assessment of each customer’s current situation. Jonathan appreciates that flexibility. “Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, Difenda prioritizes what is relevant to the client, considering their specific priorities and identifying gaps in personnel skills or other areas. They go beyond the standard with customized, modular solutions that help customers get exactly what they need and work with the resources they have available. 

By working closely with the customer, Difenda identifies gaps and proposes tailored solutions to resolve them. This level of understanding resonates with clients, as it showcases Difenda’s ability to comprehend their organizations’ operations and their essential needs for success.  

“You can tell that Difenda really cares about the success of its customers and puts in extra effort where it’s needed to create sustainable solutions, Jonathan said, “I continue to hear from clients directly that they’re very impressed with the work that’s been done, whenever Difenda is involved.  

What Has Your Experience Been Like Working With Difenda?

Jonathan highlighted the importance of being able to trust his partners, noting that “Difenda’s commitment to timely delivery and surpassing expectations has solidified their position as a trusted partner in our efforts to modernize cybersecurity posture.  

Building trust with partners is important to Difenda because it is the number one way to build and execute successful partner and customer relationships. This trust allows teams to tackle challenging jobs with more confidence, knowing that they have a dependable partner who will consistently deliver.  

Jonathan’s favorite part about working with Difenda is the collaborative approach and feeling like part of the team. “It truly feels like they are an extension of the Microsoft team, working seamlessly to orchestrate and deliver positive outcomes for our clients in a meaningful and relevant way. He went on to explain that even in complex deployment scenarios, clients who have worked with Difenda have achieved the desired outcomes and expressed high satisfaction with both the work delivered and the relationship built with Difenda.  

Ultimately, the goals for Difenda and Microsoft are to meet project requirements within the expected time frame and set customers up for success long term. “This level of customer satisfaction and seamless collaboration between partners is the ultimate scenario, and it has been my consistent experience with Difenda.  

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Learn more about the Difenda Build Partner Program here.