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Video: 5 Questions With Juliana Zaremba on Difenda’s Partner Program


Feb 27, 2022

Tell us a little bit about you

I’m Juliana Zaremba, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Difenda. I joined Difenda in January this year but I’ve worked with the organization for more than 5 years. I’ve been in the cybersecurity industry for over 15 years, working at CDW Canada and Herjavec Group.

Who is Difenda?

Difenda is an organization that is known for our Security Operations as a Service. We are an MDR and Managed Security Services Partner that is a Gold partner with Microsoft. We actually have an Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection and offer security services to global customers.  We are really here to help you extend your Microsoft investment.

What is the Difenda Shield?

So the Difenda Shield is a really important part of our business. It really sets us apart from our competitors because the technical team has spent years developing what we find to be our secret sauce. It actually helps our customers understand, on a single pane of glass, what’s happening in their environment- what’s going on with their security, what are we looking at as their MSSP and helps us work together to make sure we are providing the best support possible. 

If you tag the Difenda Shield into our SOC, which is 24/7/365- now you’ve really got something that helps your customers. Customers can’t sleep on security, and so we don’t either. Our SOC is really important to our business and as a Security Operations as a Service Provider it is truly our bread and butter.

Why did Difenda launch the channel first partner program?

The cybersecurity market is a tough one so finding the right talent, keeping the right talent and continuing to engage them as they continue to their passion in this environment is something Difenda cares a lot about. I think its a really great time for everyone to join together and help our customers with cybersecurity.

What makes Difenda partnerships stand out?

Difenda truly values our partnerships and we’ve been working with partners for a few years now. We continue to grow and we are really going to make that shift to a channel first model because we know that is where we do best in the market and jointly, with our partners, and to help our customers.

We are really here to work together to help our customers. So our team and our security expertise becomes a part of your team and your security expertise. We will work together on how to build your business while jointly working together for our customers. Our team is really critical to our business and we want them to be really important to you too! 

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